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  1. It was great to see & chat with you Frank and a pleasure to meet Dean as well.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Wife and I arrived Au Gres last PM. Although it was fishable, not a rig in launch. Ali's for dinner was the decision. Cold & wet for sure this am. Right after daylight picked a couple dz crawlers off park blacktop, had to make the best of what ma nature was offering!
  3. Enjoyed the read. You had a great season, congratulations on your nice tom.
  4. We're about to find out how it feels to fish when we want. Hard to comprehend but thinking we'll adjust. Wife and I plan to be in Au Gres soon. I look forward to meeting many new fishing friends.
  5. Being with Family! Great job Jason!
  6. Great analogy Frank. I know I have sold "stuff" at garage sales for a penny on a dollar that were still useful and wish I still had them. I'll be looking for the Tadpollys & Flatfish from late 60's we ran in Platte Bay. I think I still have them.
  7. A few favorites. Chummer in action off Arcadia. Photo by Getaway A couple of our best 2013 kings; Wife & I had a blast on Saginaw Bay. Can't wait for spring!
  8. Great job Frank and Al! I hope you get on them perch Jason!
  9. I do as Jason does. At least in this case!
  10. You've given so many an opportunity to go fishing & enjoy what the bay has to offer. Your paying it forward will serve you well Frank. I hope to do the same someday. Another great job!
  11. Check the marine forecast, it does not look good for you. Be Safe!
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