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  1. Saturday was near a repeat peformance, yet everyday on the water is a bit different. This one started with an extremely busy launch area. I get to the launched boat and realize I left our seadog and fishing bud "Sobe" in the truck! :oops: The flat water was my next concern as we blasted out to 32 FOW to our same start point. As normal for this fishery, landed several fish while setting lines, all dinks (more concern), "will I ever get six lines in??" After 6-8 undesized we hit 3-4 dandies in a row and it was game on. Same milk run put nine in box then I did a no-no, pulled a rod in complete confidence, bad mojo! :roll: Seas wet dead flat and the switch was off for next 30 min. A slight breeze returned and we took three fish getting rest of lines out. Crawlers 45-50' back on/bb, 1.0 GPS, chart., purple, everything! Enjoyed seeing some of you members! We had a delicious walleye dinner last night. We'll be back at it later this week. I started bleeeding my silver fish last year, much better. Will start with walleyes on next trip.
  2. Wife and I came over Thur hoping to fish but a bit to rough. This morning was beautiful with boards running in the sunshine. 32 FOW crawlers w/ bb back 45 ' and we were done in 90 minutes. What a wonderful resource! Looking forward to Sat. AM!
  3. Some mighty fine eating there. Good job getting your clients their fish Dick!
  4. I appreciate the report Mike. We will be fishing Au Gres later this week.
  5. Shortly after our family departed on Sunday we were headed for Au Gres with our good friends. Ran to last weeks numbers and set lines about 4 PM in 28 FOW just south of Pt Lookout. We picked away and pulled lines at 7 PM with eight in the box. Same program; crawlers behind BB out 40-50' at 1.0 - 1.3 GPS. Monday we worked 30-32 FOW trying to stay north of pack and the hassle associated with fishing in or around all the boats out. We quit at 11AM with twelve and a northern. The bad news was all the nice fish that came unbuttoned, we lost five nice ones in a row! Just seemed to be light biters, one hook in lip. They would follow along coming in until they felt upward pressure, once the head shakes started it was bye bye. We easily lost ten keepers throughout morning. I enjoyed talking with member Knotatwork who gave me his update from Friday. Thanks Al! Wish we could have stayed longer, gave up a good bite to get work done at home. I look forward to gettng back at them!
  6. Ditto TR's comments. Manistee is not yet providing a happy endings.
  7. Persistence is key, move and change if needed. Good job getting your clients their fish!
  8. Nice job Scott & Jason! Good looking brown.
  9. ThAnks. I appreciate your fishing reports Mike.
  10. We broke the pier head about 7:30 and ran towards Pt Lookout. Bulk of boats were in 30+ FOW straight out and south towards PT Au Gres. Set up in 28 FOW w/ same program of crawlers/BB back 40' off in lines. We "put it it there mouths" this AM at -1.0 GPS speeds. With one sea bag out, put kicker in neutral and let the seas push us. Ninety minutes later and still short of the river we had our limit and stowed the gear to head home to Cadillac. Fish ran bigger today with only a couple undersized, most buried the board. What a great resource to have available, another reason I love Michigan. Here is the best (first)mate a man could hope for with our catch! We had a great time.
  11. Here is a picture of Friday's catch taken at fishing cleaning station.
  12. Wife and I came over Thur. PM. Got our box full Friday, 1-1.5 GPS, crawlers w/BB 40'back, 20-30 FOW. We'll be out again today.
  13. Chummer


    Thank you Capt. Eric!
  14. I hear same frustration I had for years with similar boat. After too many lost days to it being just a bit too rough we made our change. Our criteria matched yours 100% other than we went new and stayed with aluminum. All of our needs have been met. We've fished a lot more and had bunches of fun. Good luck on your search, you'll wonder why you waited.
  15. I'd like to please hear/learn more about this. What am I looking for exactly? I know current is important but I normally just troll based on seas. Much appreciated.
  16. True trophy. Congratulations to the young angler and crew! Even with all the years he has to fish, I highly doubt this young man will ever catch a bigger LT. It's like shooting a 180" + buck your first season.
  17. Thanks for a great post and challenge to all. You made many good points!
  18. John's you tube video links are on his home page at above links. He devotes a ton of time and energy to educate us.
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