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    I'm an avid outdoorsman. I love to fish and hunt.
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    Fishing, hunting, racing, bowling, football, music, camping.
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  1. Fished just south 80-150, no real best water, finished 5-5. 125cu craigs flounder 125cu ms wonderbread 150cu gator 150cu glow blue dolphin wire back 180 w purple haze meat rig.
  2. Fished tonight 7:30-10. Ending 4-5, all rigger bites. Set up in 50, with nothing going until 115, MS happy meal and green flounder pounder down 50-60. 115-125' was where all the action happened. Three big fish went 17.3#, 17.8# and 19.9#. Awesome night to say the least, was out with a buddy and his young son, excited does not begin to explain his emotion tonight.
  3. We went 15-17 last night...primarily from 55-65. All spoons in the top 20'. Don't have a probe or subtroll, but S.O.G. was 2.5-3.0. We took fish in all directions. We caught almost all kings...one brown and one laker.
  4. Started right outside the pier heads tonight, catching 4 really small kings almost right away. Decided to work out just a little, best water by far was 55-66, ending up 15-17. A brown, laker and couple decent mid teens kings, and a fair number of small ones. Every rod we had out took fish...3, 5, 10 colors, 150cu...braid divers back 30-50 and riggers down 18-25. Ran all spoons, uv green dolphin, uv blue dolphin, freakin blue veggie, uv mixed veggie, Miami dolphin, moonshine mandarin minnow and happy meal. All standard size, other than the moonshines. Water temp was around 65º at the pier heads and 52-55º in the water we worked.
  5. Yep, we do. Might make a mess in the cooler, but sure makes cleaning them a whole lot less messy.
  6. Very nice Jacob, and good work taking some first timers out, making memories!!
  7. We worked the 80-110 last night also, we didn't hit anything until making it north of the piers piers. Ended 5-8, three nice kings between 14-16#, one smaller and one steel. Bloody death on a 170cu took two, and moonshines on a full core and braid dipsys took the rest. Jamie
  8. After a great morning yesterday fishing MSCST, had high hopes for tonight. Ended 3-6, working 90-110. What worked... 9# steelhead on a DWSS magic man (lost another as we were resetting the line) 12# king on a stinger uv blue dolphin down 55 on a rigger. 8# king on a mag green dolphin, SWR down 75 on rigger. (after wrapping an inside board with copper) Lost one right at the boat on a diver after wrapping both rigger lines, they were a little feisty tonight. Jamie
  9. Fished out of Muskegon tonight, 80-100 fow, managing to go 4-4...three nice steel between 6-8#, and a king around 10#. Nice night, but water is cold. Mid 40s on the surface. What worked... Magic man on a 100 copper (x2) Green dolphin on a 100 copper Green froggie down 58 on a rigger. Jamie
  10. Fished 80-110 Tuesday night out of Muskegon. Looked like we were gonna get blanked until just after sunset, nice little flurry to save that trip, managing to go 3-4. Not spectacular, but definitely could have been worse. What worked. Moonshine razorburn down 32 on rigger (1-2, lost shaker at boat) Moonshine yellow submarine on braid dispy, set 1.5, back 70. Reg. SS U-M Foggy on full core. Jamie
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