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  1. I agree last year the coppers that produced best for me were 450 and 300. The best producing cores were 15 and 18 color. My short coppers only caught a few fish. 5 color did produce better on my boat. I run 8 boards with one side being all copper and the other side being lead core. Lead core side produced more fish last year on JUST-N-TIME. Water was warm in Whitehall last year and that kept the fish deep. That is why the longer set ups caught fish in my oppinion for what it is worth.
  2. I switch my fly colors to spin doctor colors until I find what they want. I do catch more fish with white spinnies than any other color but that is probally because I always have a couple white ones out in my spread. Change length of flies and longer leads from dipsey to flasher work best for me. I usually have a 5 foot leader along with my snubber. Flies are 18 to 26 inches from my spin doctor. I do run a 4 foot or longer leader on the flie on large paddles. I usually only run flasher flie combos on my dipseys.
  3. I cut the rib cage out after slabbing. I then skin the fish leaving a little meat on the skin so most of the fat (grey color) stays with the skin. I then feel for the bones and I cut on both sides. I catch a lot of fish so the piece I cut out is 3/8 to 1/2 wide. Then I feel inside the cut to make sure I didnt cut and leave some bones. My kids dont eat fish with bones. Then I cut a v and remove the rest of the fat. Salmon with no grey tastes much better in my opinion. I can do this in a quick fashion. If you are slow do some of it at home if the line at the cleaning station is large. With practice you will get good and fast.
  4. Make sure you seal the mounting bolts good when you find one. Thompson boats transom from the factory are not the best to say the least. My platform wasnt sealed and I had to replace the transom. The new one is glassed in and was epoxy coated. I did not put back on the boat becuase swim platforms get in the way netting fish. I havent found a ladder that will work on my boat. You may have the same problem. My gunnel is too wide. If I see one in my travels I will let you know.
  5. I run sliders all the time any sea conditions. I run sliders that are 3 -4 foot long and never have tangles. I only have three riggers on my boat and the beam is 10 foot. I did run four riggers on my old boat that had a 8 foot beam. If the lake was rough I only ran two sliders to help prevent tangles. I use blacks releases and sharpen all hooks even on new spoons. I rarely loose fish on sliders. If I start getting short hits I speed up a little and the hook will catch them. I do put alot of bend in my rigger rods. I usually run my sliders free so they are around half the depth of cannon ball. I do not run a slider on a SWR, or a line with a spin doctor and fly. Those are the only setups when I do not have three sliders. Watch the hook on the lower lure when netting. I have never been hooked but had some close calls. Most of the time when two fish are caught I think one was hitching a ride. Rarely do I catch 2 nice fish at the same time on the same pole. Pay attention to the rod tips and you will see when you have a hitch hiker. Sometimes a small hitch hiker will turn off the bite on your whole spread.
  6. I start with 90 ft and replace when it is 10 foot. I prefer the longer lengths so I know when to get the net. The longer leaders run a differrant depth than a short lead but all my cores have a long lead so I am still covering many depths in the water column.
  7. I have a fiberglass platform I took of my 260 Thompson Fisherman. Not sure what size Thompson fisherman you have.
  8. I have 450 ft of 45lb morgans copper on Convector 55 reels. I had a couple large Penn reels but the retrival was too slow. I use 30lb Ande for backer and I put 100 yards on.
  9. The last time I was in Angling Outpost they had them. They are located in Muskegon. Check their website out. They do have fair prices for when you decide to buy.
  10. I would not put mono on a diver unless you want to be replacing the dipseys, flashers and flies that you loose when the line breaks. The braid will cost more initually but in the long run it is cheaper. The magda pro reels work just fine for 10 trips a year. Only problem I had with the Magda pros is the level wind would quit working and the release would constantly click back in when I was trying to free spool. Never had any issues with the convectors but I am now replacing them all with Tekotas. In time you will want to run wire on your dipseys. Then you will need a metal spool like the Convector.
  11. I have used them on a rigger 200 down. I did have 100 foot of line out before clipping becuase I did not want a fish near my boat while I was unclipping. I fished it 50 plus below the ball. I had good sucess mid day in the deep water with it. I also clipped it on wire and sent out the chute. Real good success with this also but unclipping the weight is a pain. Usually used it down the chute when it was just me and my daughter. Covered the same depth as core or copper and she didnt have to reel so much. She is 11 and the 450 copper needs my assist when she is reeling. The fight on the wire with just the torpedo is fun. I never tried running more than 1 in my spread at a time. JUST-N-TIME Charters Captain
  12. If you use a flasher buy the more expensive flasher. I believe it is called power flasher. It will charge the lures with one flash where as the $10 dollar ones do not compare even with many flashes. The good flasher is about $22 or a little more. The UV light glows a lure a lot quicker than any regular light. You can pretty much give the lure a quick pass over and it will glow.
  13. I have a power flasher and a good UV light. I use one on half the boat and the other on the other half. I never saw a differance in bite between the sides. The flashers get wet and they are junk where as I have not had a problem with my FLUKE UV leak detector light. Batteries seem to last a lot longer in the light than the flasher also. I do not super charge my lures on flash with the flasher unless they are black or purple and a quick pass over with the UV light. When the lake has been rough I find the water is dirtier then I charge them more. Other wise too bright in the clear water we have in Lake Michigan spooks the fish in my oppinion.
  14. I run two riggers 160 and down and keep the third rigger around 100 foot. I use dark colored spoons like the dreamweaver purple frog on the deep riggers. I run sliders on all my riggers. I always make sure that I am running 5,10 and 15 color leadcores and 150, 300 and 450 coppers. I use orange or yellow on the higher lines and green or blue in the middle. I catch alot of fish in the deeper waters using spoons. I run my probe on one of the deep riggers. Purple Frog and Blue Frog always catch fish when run deep on my boat. Sometimes I run a splatterback Silver horde plug on the riggers also. I like to cover the whole column with lures. I also always run a couple wire divers with spin doctors on them. I believe they attract fish to the spread. I have not been that sucessful with the large paddles on my riggers.
  15. From my past experience I believe the spoons with trebles need trebles for the same action. I like single hooks on my flys but have experienced dramatic differance in number of strikes when I changed the spoons. After fishing with Frank (Priority one) I sharpen all my hooks even on new lures and have almost 100% hook rate. Make sure you sharpen and remove the chrome off the hook on the point and you will get good hook ups. I like a treble with a single stinger on my meat rigs.
  16. I prefer wire for diver rods. I have 4 with Torpedo 40lb wire but I also have 2 power Pro 40 braid setups that I use. A lot less lost gear with the braid from mono. If I only knew many years ago I wouldnt have left so many deposits in the lake.
  17. I had best success with a large white slick spin doctor with a KRW Riverside fly. The next hottest flasher fly was a large white paddle with an Oceana fly.
  18. I fish 300 FOW water out of Montague and it is not that far out. 300 is a lot further out in Muskegon. I also fish out to 400 Little Point Sauble. I start shallow and work out in the morning and out deep to shallow in the evening. Last year because the water was so warm most my fishing was in 100 to 250 FOW. 450 coppers with Silver horde splatter backs were best producers along with 15 and 18 color lead. I have a single engine 26 foot Thompson Fisherman.
  19. Cannon never made a probe that did not send a signal up the downrigger wire that I know of. Those two probes take differant displays to work. I had a couple cannon probes on my old boat and had a friend that gave me his older cannon probe like the one in the top of the photo after he dropped mine overboard and they did not communicate. My probes were like the one on the bottom. They had a wire hanging out the bottom rear can not see if you has that.I liked the light clarity feature the cannon had. I bought Sub Troll for my current boat and it works fine with coated wire.
  20. I run smelt that have been cured on meat rigs. I only tend to catch the larger fish on my wire diver with large paddle in front. Red is my best color. I also use the slick strips and see no differrance on number of fish between the meat and them. I run the slick strips more than I mess with the meat. I can usually get the fish to bite my spoons so I never have more than two meat rigs in my spread. Usually my deep rigger or my two deep divers.
  21. Any boat can fish pro if they feel the payout is higher. You need an observer though.
  22. I have big Jon Brutes that I bought from Lord Of The Riggers. I run 15lb balls and have fished them 300 down. The only problem with the Brutes is the ball holder is designed for 10-12lb balls. I take mine off every trip because they fall out of the holders while running. I fish rough water and have no issues with the booms. I have fished with Big Jons on my last three boats. I like the simplicity of the units. The fact that they help with tournaments and the availability of the product. No battery draw while the boat is sitting in the slip. If I were to buy something different it would be Vectors. They are faster.Vectors were not available when I bought my Brutes last spring.
  23. Most tangles with Dipseys happen if you do not drive straight and when setting lines out. I use a slide diver set on 4 no ring. Next rod is a number 1 set on 2 with or with out ring. Inside rod is magnum with a ring. I usually only have a tangle if someone lets one out too quick. Let the diver pull to its place and let the drag slowly let the line out. Catch alot of fish on the way down. If you fish any tournaments long leaders are not legal. You can not hand line fish on the tournament trail. If you want a long lead run slide divers. Just my 2 cents.
  24. I would suggest the 8 foot Talora. I run 3 dipseys off each side when the lake is less than 3 foot waves. My rods are 20 inches apart and the rod lengths are 8' wire, 9' wire and 10.5 power pro. The 7' talora is nice too but it is 1 piece.
  25. Nick, You are correct. I am sorry for the mistake. I was talking about the magnet holders they make for holding the net to the handle and it comes unconnected when you net a fish. Mike
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