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  1. I saw a caravan dual axle roller trailer for a 24 foot boat in Twin lake Mi. The number is 616-481-3454 and the price is $1700.
  2. Fished for a 4.5 hours Saturday. I started dropping lines in 120 fow and caught a 7.8 pound king on a Stinger NBK 100 down in 135 fow. Trolled out to 150 and turned back to shore. Then caught a 6.3lb laker in 107 fow on a full copper using a Stinger Shrimp. Then trolled out to 325 fow with no bites and marked very few fish. Turned back to shore watching the temps moving the rigger up and down. Temp was pretty consistant at 38 to 38.5 200 and up. On the radio most were fishing the 150fow to 100fow. Temp 100 down in 150 was 43.1.
  3. I am interested in fishing your tournament. Perhaps Priority 1 can tag along with me. Thanks Mike
  4. I went out Saturday. Did not get any hits trolling the beach. The water temp was 50. I started trolling out to the deeper water and found alot of fish between 165 and 220 depth. Most fish were on the surface and some where 150 down. I ran 1/2 core and set two rggers 165 down. My half core caught two cohos. My riggers caught one Chinook. The temp at 140 down according to my probe was 46. Water temp at 200 was 37 so take a coat I only had a spring jacket and like to froze. Came in because it was a little to chilly for my friends.
  5. I have used inline boards and a mast. I prefer the mast. I run 4 poles off each board. I found the Larivick releases work good for attaching the lines together. Do not use braided line for backer it will pull out to easy. Run the deeper ones toward the boat. I run copper closest to the boat and 1/4 core furthest. Most important thing is use you core away from other boats and have someone that can drive fairly straight will setting them all up. Once settup not a problem if you drive like a drunken sailor. I have done this for a couple years and have only had a couple that have tangled. Then just cut it and re tie. After catching a fish just let it out the back and the ri attach to your planer line.
  6. I did not get out. My boat did not get done. I have it in to get the alignment checked so I do not loose a coupler. I would have initually targeted browns and steelhead in the shallow water. If that was not productive I would have went to the deep water and targeted Steelhead, Chinook and Cohos. Cohos are in the deeper waters out of Muskegon and Whitehall. We do not get many in shallow for spawning though.
  7. If you want steelhead or browns stay in close to shore. I always have real good luck this time of year in 300 to 350 fow trolling with half core and riggers 150 down. I can do that and get a limit almost everytime in April and May. I am planning on fishing out of Whitehall tomorrow. I will be on channel 68. just in time
  8. I fish salmon with a mast set up. I run lead core and copper off the big boards. To run multiple inline boards some are way out there and the lead and copper are already enough to reel in any way. I have both but for the most part always run my big boards off my mast. Personal preferance is all i have never noticed an advantage with either. My mast is a Big Jon electric and it is alot easier for me is all.
  9. I would like to fish the Stinger tournament. Please email me the waiver and address for payment. Thanks Mike
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