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  1. These things have worked great for me. I had one copper setup that was taking fish deep. it broke off sometime that day. I had no extra cash to replace it so I bought two 6oz bombs and ran them on my 10 color leads. The next morning I was very happy I had bought them. I'm not sure on the depth, but they were putting fish in the boat. I have picked up some 4 oz ones over the winter . I'm not sure if I'm going to even replace my copper if these keep producing good results.
  2. Walranger5, you have some very valid opinions on this slot limit , and I do agree that it works in a lot of places. But if having more larger size walleye will help our situation, then I believe that letting the spawners do there thing longer would be more affective then a slot limit. These fish are easy pickins during those times. We all no they are much harder to find as the season goes on and probably have a higher survival rate once they are out of the rivers. I don't believe a slot limit on walleye will help stop the asian carp problem. Lake huron, saginaw bay has a very strong and healthy fishery. Frank has brought up a good point about the large pike and bass we have in these waters. I know when targeted you can catch a lot of these fish with some very large ones mixed in. So with a lot of different species at large I think a slot limit on walleye would have very little effect on these carp. For every upside there is always a down side when changes are made and limits are created, only time would tell what that would be. I am all for a change when it is needed, I don't believe this is one of them. We need to look into other ways to stop these fish, rather than tamper with the ones we have.
  3. I have followed this post and have to disagree with a slot limit helping our situation in the time frame that is needed. Creating more predator size of fish will take way to long by using a slot limit. I fish the bay on average a dozen times a year, and I have to say we catch our limit almost every time out. In the last four years, give or take a couple, I have put very few large walleye in the boat. I know the fish are out there, just not as common for me. So out of the few hundred walleye we catch, very few would ever make it back in the water using a slot limit. This method would only affect and be helpful to the guys that are more fortunate to catch these larger fish on a regular basis . So with that thought in mind not everyone can contribute to help our situation. But what can affect and allow every person that fish these waters to help, would be to close the season a little longer and allow more of the larger predator size fish to remain in the system. It is very common to catch a limit of these size fish during the spawning times. If having more predator size fish is the answer, then I would much rather give up a few weeks of river fishing to allow these fish to live another day. I believe we could save more fish in three weeks during spawning time then we could all year with a slot limit. This was mentioned in this post already by some one else and I think it is our best chance for all of us to help.
  4. Fishing was amazing. 250 to300 fow, 40- 60 down. North of B point. We went 10 for 14 in two hours. 7 kings, 5 of them were nice three year olds. 2 steel and 1 coho. Spoons on riggers and flasher fly on dipsey, everything was working. At one point we had all four rigger rods with fish on and no one driving the boat. Thank god for light boat traffic or we would have had some pi**ed off guys out there. Gotta love fall fishing, lake Michigan is truly amazing place to be this time of year.
  5. Has anyone had any luck out of FF? Im going to head out in the morning, just looking for any info that might help put a few fish in the box. Thanks....
  6. I have been in ff since Tuesday, didn't get out until Thursday am, very windy. Went back out friday am and pm. Between three trips out 4for7. Fishing was slow for us. Tried south and half way to the South M island, lots of water covered just not good action for us. We marked alot of fish north 90 to 110 down. I did see some big coolers get weighed in at the tourny so I know the fishing is good form some guys. We decided to try west travers bay this evening for something different, 2 for 2 on lakers. Nice boat ride and scenery. I do know that there is lots of fish in the rivers and lots being snagged, not my kinda of fishing so never tried. Good luck.
  7. I can't speak for the cerria model, but I can for trophys. I have a 1984, 24ft that I just repowered with a 350. I have owned this boat for 5 years and absolutely love it. It has lots of room in the back and three beds in cuddy. I just replaced the original 305 motor due to age and under powered and that is all I have had done since i've owned it. This a old boat that has been well taken care of. Bayliners are not known for quality boats like some other brands mentioned but if you find one that was taken care of it will get the job done. I dream of owning a nice big top of the line boat some day but for the money and time that I have to use it my trophy will do just fine. There is a picture of it in my profile. Good luck with what ever you buy and like mentioned before, Take your time and have patience.
  8. Kinda off the subject but. Can you rent a dock for the night in Arcadia?
  9. Thursday pm. 4 for 6. Laker, and three nice kings right at sun down, south of herring hole 180 fow, roughly 50-60 down. Dipseys 180 back, white hootchie blue teaser meat rig took a few rips and full core with smal yellow tail pluge took the rest. Friday am, 2 for 6. Both kings close to 20 lbs each. North, down by the point 240 fow, 40-50 down Same setup. Riggers were dead for us. Lots of marked fish and bait around 20-30 down, tried high long lines,no takers. Water was way to calm for my liking, flat flat flat, both trips out.
  10. Im heading there tomorrow to fish thursday and friday. I hope to have a something worth posting.
  11. Thanks for the info guys.
  12. I only have two riggers and sometimes I stack them. Would I run into troubl if I ran a line above a swr?
  13. If I wanted to get my 10 color lead down useing a snap weight, the same depth as a 300 ft copper 45lb setup, how much weight should I use?
  14. I am looking for a couple used copper setups. Rod, Reel and copper. Jballer9866yahoo.com. or just send PM. Thanks Josh
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