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  1. I sharpen all hooks. If I have a problem I switch to owners. I have had alot of problems with hooks on yeck spoons coming apart. They are sharp out the package but big fish pull them apart. Yeck I believe uses VMC hooks. I sharpen with an india stone.
  2. I have friends with rigger over outdrive and they have no issues. I monted three riggers on my boat the way you would mount 4. Just left one space open for netting. I run my probe off rear facing rigger. I wouldnt put it on rigger over outdrive. Things happen and you loose a probe, cannonball and prop. Having the open spot for netting has worked great and the extra space for not being over outdrive is priceless.
  3. I only fish early mornings during the week. I am a second shifter so I usually pull lines by 10:30 am. I fished today with a charter and we were 7 of 12. Lake is still warm in Whithall and 130 to 160 is where I found fish they could catch. Biggest being around 16lbs. Had some nice fish on in 100 fow but they couldnt land them.
  4. I have Brutes. They are an awesome rigger but they are fast and might cause a beginner more headache than it is worth. Walkers are ok but they struggle with 12 lb balls. Someday you will want to fish deep, I would recommend big jon captains packs or cannon mag 10. Good luck.
  5. I found same cold water streak in 90 fow. After the sun was high I ventured out and had 5 rods go off at same time in 160 fow., Dipseys were hot, green fusion big weenie fly. Northport nailer Belding bait on 1/2 core and free slider on rigger 70 down, was hot bait for me.
  6. I had a nils power auger that wouldnt drill after 4 holes. They didnt warrenty the cutting head so now I have a strikemaster lazer pro. Ergonomically it is much nicer than the nils. Nils is quiter though. Jiffys are loudest from what I have seen. I really like the solo engine that strikemaster uses. Starts with one or two pulls and the lazer auger really drills. They sell a lazer mag for around $450.
  7. Stinger flashers witg big weenie flies get large fish when run on dipseys. Dreamweaver paddle with fly 36 inches behind on rigger near bottom. Slower troll if marking fish and no bite.
  8. I have charters Friday morning and evening and Saturday morning. I will be up to date with where the fishing is best and what colors are working. Message me or ask on channel 68 vhf. I have been catching alot of fish with northport nailer Belding bait. It is black white silver and orange. Big weenie blue or green fusion flys have been hot behind stinger frog plates. Water was warm this morning but fish were still biting good.
  9. I do well with an orange horsefly behind mountain dew glow tape spin doctor on mag diver set on 2 120 to 140 back no ring. Same spin doctor with no seeum fly two foot ck has done well on rigger 40 To 60 down.
  10. Depends on the fow I am fishing. In 100 fow I usually put mag diver with ring set on 1 back 75 and otherside 90. I run 6 divers. Next set on two. Mags no rings 100 and other side 140. High divers are number 1 with rings set on 3.5 spoons on these 90 back with fuzzy bear buffalo bill and other side 120 back usually a dreamweaver uv spoon. This is usually good to me in the morning
  11. I have lost many walleye boards with mono in the setup. I find the albright knot fails fairly quick when tied to the copper with braid. I do fish 100 plus trips a year and mono worked great in the beginning of each season it gets weak after many uses. I now tie power pro directly to the copper using a howy knot. Make a single knot in the copper with the braid going thru it. loop the braid and twist over copper and braid 20 times approx. Pull line thru loop.pull that knot up tight to other knot. Hasnt failed this year yet. Comes through levelwind of Tekota and Convector reels fine. I have had SPRO swivels fail in the past. With in experienced fishermen on board I have seen it all and the above mentioned howy knot has worked best for me.
  12. Fishing was great in Whitehall this past weekend. Hottest bait was northport nailer Belding bait. Friday we caught 11 mostly on downriggers. 60,70&80 down with sliders. Belding bait catching majority. It was slider set on 80 rigger. Saturday Belding bait set same place caught majority again. We caught 10. Dipsey 140 back with stinger froggy plate and big weenie green fusion fly produced well also.Sunday same program caught 10 fish same hot two baits. Today the water was cooler and everything caught fish. Belding bait produced 4. Entire weekend I fished 100 to 140 fow. I caught 15 of 23 this morning fishing 4 hours. I had a lot of lost fish over the weekend but cant remember the numbers. Caught a few cohos everyday. Have photos but uploading from phone I do not know how to do. www.justintimefishingcharters.com
  13. I catch alot of steelhead on dipseys. Run a number 1 dipsey set on 3. Put a Fuzzy Bear Buffalo Bill or a double orange crush lure 6 foot behind the dipsey. No ring on dipsey. I also do best with an orange dipsey. I can make this combo catch steelhead almost all the time. 90 to 140 back.
  14. I run flea flicker line and they do not get on it. The sea fleas are a parasite in the lake. Another invasive species we have aquired.
  15. Good report. I have been having great success with the dreamweaver UV lures. Dipseys have been on fire with large white paddle and oceana fly. Green froggy spin doctor with blue bubble fly has been good for me also.
  16. I use polomer knots on all my swivels. Albright knot on my copper. I do not know what the name of the knot I use on lead core. I make a large loop in the leadcore, feed some lead out and remove about three inches, feed the mono into the sleeve and the work my loop down to the end of lead core where the mono is and I pull it tight. Small knot and it doesnt fail. I do check my lines every time I send them out for burrs or knicks. Retie if I feel anthing. I also let the fish run with light drags. I like them wore out when they get close to my boat.
  17. I am going out tomorrow am. I am heading south. Trolling the shore to Duck lake then head west. First time out this year. After the water warms Stoney Lake is usually very productive for me. I monitor channel 68 and fish alot in the mornings because I work second shift. Give me a shout on the radio and I will share anything that is working for me. This is the only time of year I head south. Once the fish show up I always fish north of the pack of boats. I rarely fish near many boats. Never had long line caught and dont plan on it.
  18. I like #2 and #4 best. I am sure these would work in Whitehall.
  19. Only dipsey rod I point down is mag. I have talora rods with tekota reels and the mag creates enough drag even when popped I have never lost one. I keep the other rods either straight or angled up. I use Michigan rod holders. I also always have the cap on my rod holders. I have lost a lead core setup when my planer line pulled it out of my tree. Only rod I have ever lost. Knock on wood. Been salmon fishing for 35 years, 25 with my own equiptment. I worry more about a thief. I have had a few rods stolen in the past at marinas.
  20. I have tried interline rods on the west side but the sea fleas clogg the tips.I have also had many Blue diamond roller rods break. Never had an issue with Talora roller rods. Twilli tips are the best low budjet option in my oppinion.
  21. The current direction and speed at the ball are most important. In Whitehall fishing in the morning 90% of the time I troll north west. In the evenings I troll north or south east. I find it best to be in shallower water at sun up and sun down. At those time temp isnt as criticall the fish are feeding.
  22. Last year the water was warm here in Montague and short cores didnt work well for me. 15 and 18 colors worked best. 300 and 450 coppers were equally as productive. I have a set of Z Boards and can get them to run good then they need tuned again next trip. The walleye boards are much better in my oppinion. Adjust the weight forward to one for heavier lines. If you buy copper and are a beginner get the coated copper it is more forgiving. The 45 lb copper sinks further. Not enough differance between 30lb copper sink depths to lead core to justify higher cost.
  23. It would depend on how deep you want your lure to get. If you are looking for depth put it on the leader. Farther out will make the dive bomb deeper. If you put one on your backing you will need to let quite a bit out before putting on your board otherwise it is doing nothing for you. I dont usually run more than 1 dive bomb on each side. They track differant than the other lines in my past experience.
  24. I change my mono every year. I change the backing on my cores and copper every year also. I buy new wire as the reels get low. I had power pro that was 4 years old with no issues. I bought new reels and put new line on last year. Z boards had me change all my copper last year due to false releases.
  25. I have the weight set forward to number 1 on my walleye boards. They pull 300 and 450 coppers fine. I do have rod trees so the line in front of the board is never in the water. Z boards dont work so well on my boat. I have a full set and they need tuned every time the lake changes and their crappy release mis releases frequently. If more than one false release a tangled mess occurs. At first I thought they were great but after many fishing trips they are just occupying space on my boat.Walleye boards are hard to beat in my oppinion.
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