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  1. Those that fished the Salmon Unlimited club tournament last Saturday had a tough time. I believe those that did find fish were fishing the state line and north of it off the hills. Good luck.
  2. West side of the lake has none, and I don't understand why nobody makes a fuss to have some installed? I always look at the mid lake buoy and wish we had some closer to shore. Here in IL there are very limited places to launch and guys make long trips to get to Northern IL where the launches are and realize that the waves are a tad too much for them.
  3. Did not know you could do that. I will have to do some research.
  4. Holy smokes Josh, that's commitment, looks good though. I think I will be getting some soda blasting quotes.
  5. Going to remove the paint off the hull, any tips? I tried a small spot with a brush and some comet scrub, didn't work so well. I went over that with 1500 grit wet sand paper, worked but couldn't get the paint out of the small scratches. I borrowed a power washer which I don't think will get it all off, any tips? Would like it to be bare fiberglass.
  6. Here is a youtube link. This guy has rebuilt a couple boats and has very well documented videos of his repairs. In this video he shows the materials he uses.
  7. I hear ya, I do plan on doing some swimming and we have two dogs. It did have the platform before, he said the previous owner threw it away because it was water logged.
  8. Thanks Aaron, he is giving me the other two reluctantly, I had to beg:grin:. Will have to get those numbers from him to confirm the models.
  9. 500 for two, they did have two rod holders on them and the mounting plates were flush with the fiberglass, a few pics of the boat- they are not the best pics.
  10. No, battle creek mi. He fished out of st. Joe.
  11. Don't think I will be able to make it out for sunrise, mainly evening fishing. I do not have very good pics right now of the boat, its in a pole barn with limited space to take pics, will post some when I get it in the driveway.
  12. Thanks for the replies, will be fishing 4 people sometimes 6. The boat already was rigged for the riggers, he was going to sell the riggers separately, I talked him into giving me two and he would cut me a deal on the others. I do not know the models but he said they cost him 600 a piece new.
  13. I am picking up my first boat in a couple weeks- 24' Thompson, comes with two walker downriggers and he has two more he would sell me for a reasonable price. I do not have any other gear, but I hate to pass up a good deal. Should I buy the walkers or should I invest my money elsewhere? Like I said, new here and am learning the basics, I haven't been salmon fishing since the early ninety's . Thanks- Dale
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