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  1. I have a new Hook12 with the triple shot transducer and Navionics chip brand new in the box. I never installed it. $900.00 Thanks, Grizzly
  2. What problems have you had with your riggers?
  3. Well that kind of sucks I got 18 lb weights. I hope I dont kill them. The riggers have a soft stop and start built in. Very happy so far cannon 5s is what I got. My daughter will be using them mostly.
  4. OK Folks, I was able get a new set of riggers for my boat and they will support up to 20 lb weights. I run a fish hawk and am a little more freaked out as I am stepping up to heavier weights. What is the best way to terminate as I would hate to loose the probe but do understand that stuff does happen. I am trying to be proactive and do this the right way. Currently using cannon terminations. Have used crimps but I feel it messes with the cables true strength. I am prepared to get what it takes to do this right. Thanks to all who reply. Grizzly.
  5. I have 2 Electric Big Jon Riggers for sale. They come with dual rod holders, swivel bases and 10 lb weights. Located in Sanford MI. (989) 615 -1665 $400.00 for everything.
  6. This year I have went to 30 to 40 ft leaders on my divers and I am landing more fish than ever on my divers. Yes you have to hand line em and make sure the diver rod is in position to re engage the fish should you need it. But for sure this has helped us out a lot this year. I run mag diver with mag ring on wire I have found that color really has not mattered for myself. Currently I am running a black one and a clear one. I run 50lb Ande for my leaders and DS3 swivels. About the only bad thing I have had happen is the leader gets wadded up in the heat of the moment and it takes a minute or 2 to straighten it out. Hot combo for us has been Kevins Girlfriend 8 inch with Kevins meat rig. Grizzly
  7. Was wondering what everyone uses to store there trolling flies in?? I have been using swim tubes with a box setup but always ends up a mess. Grizzly
  8. I put a 50 lb chunk of mono around the base of the reel and tie it off to a release clip. I back the drag down and clip the release on the wire. Works well for me
  9. Not sure what brand I get. But the riverside fly is my goto. I tie my own with 50 lb falcon mono. They work great. Grizzly
  10. Looking to find some 7.6 1100 BWD Ugly Sticks. Having a heck of a time finding them. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Grizzly
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