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    We have 3 boys 2 grandchildren and have been married 28 yrs
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    Moor Sub Troll 900

    I have sent you a pm.
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    Okuma Wireline Rods

    I will send you a pm about rods
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    Gear Survey

  4. Hi all, after 5-6 years without a boat we bought a 21 ft searay. I cannot wait to get back on the big water. My name is Darl Kleinjans I live in Zeeland Mi. and fish out of Ludington. We have a trailer we keep at a campground in Ludington. I asked a question in lure making and had immediate responses. The ideas I was given worked great thank you. I apoligize to Reel Rascal for not responding sooner to your post about what boat we bought. I am a truck driver and away from home during the week without access to the internet in my truck. I have not been home alot and could not respond until now. I am looking forward to being a member on this site. I have enjoyed reading the posts on here learning and relearning but the best thing I see is how you guys help each other and care about each other. Glad to be aboard:thumb::
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    Repainting spoons

    Thanks for the ideas and the welcome. I have not fished the big lake for a few years due to no boat. We picked up a boat this fall can,t wait to get back out there.
  6. I have some old spoons that are in need of fixing up. Some have old paint and glue from tape on them. I am wondering what you guys have used to clean spoons so they can be repainted. Also if you have spoons that have lost there shine what do you use to clean them. Thanks