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Fishing Log

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Here is a fishing log created by The Dog House.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with everyone!

This is the revised log, and will display on one page.

Edited by GLF
Updated the zip file.
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I received a pm last night from a member who said they could not get the log in the first post to print correctly. I made some changes to the set up, and resaved it.

I need someone to verify that this one prints correctly, and I will delete the other one.

If you come across something like this in the future that does not work correctly, please let me know asap.



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Hey Dog House, great daily fishing log. Sure will help keep track of what happens out there! Will make it easy to transcribe to my yearly log with out having to rely on my memory. Gets a little confusing about what happens on the lake if you are into some good action.



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Nice. :thumb: I have something simular, but in an excel spreed sheet. It is easier to see the whole year at once. I also keep boat info on it like equipment and service records.

I have a theory that the difference between good fisherman and great fisherman is the records that they keep. Not say by any stretch that I am great, but the records I have kept have helped me a lot.

I will send a copy to GLF with some generic info so it can be posted, hopefully someone else can use it.

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