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  1. you could check Michigan city they may have a couple really not that far from new buffalo
  2. st joe charters don't like to give up info much lol good enough they caught a few fish
  3. churches walleye board work well tx44 super boards for 300 copper and up.
  4. fishing buddies left me hanging this morning so a solo trip started in 90 fow nw outa the pairs trolled to 110 fow found the steal their went 2 for 9 all up in the top 40 ft lemon ice double oj crush modified blue dolphin where what worked for me I just couldn't net for nothing
  5. went 1 for 5 set up in 250 ft of water nw of st joe what a bumpy ride in my lil boat 1 laker taken on a 5 color with uv mixed veggies next one that went off was wire diver set on a one 220 back with a spin doctor and blue dolphin fly then a rigger hit at 30 ft with a modified blue dolphin uv then a 8 color took a swipe with a ss lemon ice on it was hard to troll currents where changing it seemed couldn't find a decent troll except for due south was best
  6. just make sure you have all safety equipment and you let someone know your basic fishing plane . its all what you are comfortable with some are only comfortable in a 30 footer others a 14 is fine..
  7. nice try cliftp at least you got out my boats still sitting in the yard.. next time
  8. I should say that I have a surge brake and that I am never in a hurry when pulling my boat. tires are the key to launching and extracting the boat.
  9. I tow a 21 ft islander with a chevy s10. I get it in and out of the dnr launch with no problems. you should be fine
  10. Post the question here they can be really helpful http://forums.iboats.com/forum.php
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