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It was really slow for most boats in Pentwater. I found some colder water near the dunes, where the surface temp was 52 rather than the 57 degree water that was deeper. This colder water was right over structure and contained the most bait fish I have marked all season. Seemed like a good spot to be, but we never marked any big fish and only took a single hit which was a nice 11# steelhead. We fished 80 FOW out to 217 FOW. The bait was in 106 to 119 FOW and anywhere from 25 to 50 feet down. We found a smaller school of bait in 170 FOW. We fished the cold water, at the transition points and in the warm water targeting kings and steelhead.


The steelhead hit on a small coho sized (5") orange spin doctor and green/gold/purple peanut fly on a 3 color. That setup has been producing a lot of steelhead for us lately.


There was also a ton of bait in the channel. The channel isn't very deep and the turbulence from the prop seemed to disturb or spin up those baitfish and the gulls were feasting behind the boat.20230605_081125.jpg


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