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  1. Everything you need to get a small trolling spread going. 20 Dipsey Divers, 6 snubbers, 7 fishcatchers, Special Mate Lure Box, 6 jplugs, 120 spoons, assorted dodgers, extendable salmon net, 2 Diawa linecounter reel/rod combos with braided line. Retail value of $1,100. Asking $450
  2. I did the same thing a couple of years ago. The benefit of the rudder is that you only use power to turn the shaft and no power running the prop. No worries about battery drain. With the rudder design, you should have no more than 10% of the fin ahead of the motor shaft or you will get to much bite on the front edge. Also, you can't go too long (downward direction) because the fin will dive slightly sideways when it knifes down into the water in wavy conditions. This puts a lot of strain on the motor shaft. What's really great about this is that the front of the boat tracks very well into the wind and you are not constantly fighting bow drift.
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