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Holland 9am-1pm, 10-30-22

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Fished solo, 9-1pm, one man limit, 5 for 5, 1king, 4 steelheads 1 dble.
Had to release 1 steelhead, only 3 are allowed. Fished 100-135
1- steelhead, 12.5#, (9:25am), 8C, MS happee meal, 2.3sog, w troll, 121fow.
2- steelhead, 6.32#, (9:25am), 5C, Jordo spoon, 2.3 sog, w troll, 121fow
3-king, 6#, (11:15am), DR back 60, dwn61, NW troll, 2.4 sog, 53.2° ball temp, 116fow, RV Green jeans
4-steelhead, 7.53#, (12:14pm), DR back 60, down 50, 2.5 sog, S troll, ball temp 51.9°, 120 fow, RV Green jeans.
5-steelhead, (12:40pm),10C, moonshine, returned to water only allowed 3 steelheads. I didn't want to keep catching more steelheads just to keep releasing them. They were very hungry. It was a very successful fall day.

Waves were flat to 3 ft rollers, mostly 1footers. Great Day! Marking alot of fish at this depth! Temperature break into 44-49° water was 75ft down





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