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triple in 78fow east troll 10min before sunrise

that's all

bait disappeared 

bite slowed...

deep diver 120 cryptonite paddle

10 color jplug scaly firetiger

copp200 moonshine mag




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Nice work 2md.  

It was nice out there today.

1/2 for real fish and can add a Sheepy.  

1. nice King lost at boat, full core, 90 fow, mag moonshine spoon

2. Small coho, wonderbread sd and spoon, 80 fow, down 50ft on rigger

3. big sheepshead.  I will spare you the details

Also had the privilege of spending 45 minutes retrieving a loose planar board. I did get it finally though. 

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Thanks a bunch.  I did find the every other year 2018 & 2020 stockings but didn't catch that more were dropped in 2022 likely cause I ran the search earlier in the year.  Do you know where the Holland Pen is located?  There was a time when they were dropped in at Eldean just off of A-dock but I have not seen a pen there for a while.

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