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Beautiful evening for fishing. Took my 82 year old dad and his buddy out. Thought it would be an easy fish. Set 8 rods in 140' on a west troll. 400 copper w/UV Raspberry Carbon. 300 copper w/ fuzzy bear blue 1/2 slice. High dipsey green fuzzy bear 1/2 slice. Meat moo moo rig inside dipsey . Outside dipsey other side green chin music pickled sunshine. Inside dipsey fish paddle green gasoline meat rig. Starboard rigger 90' beckold white slick w/ riverside fly. Port side rigger 80' yellow tail w/ yellowtail freeslider. 

7:30 400 went 15+ lb king at boat dads buddy couldn't reel anymore gave rod to dad he asked to net. Missed and hook caught in net...gone. 0 for 1.  Reset line and moo moo meat goes off. Dad reels fish. Great fight another 15+ lb fish. 10 minutes later fish at back of boat. I hand line it to dad's buddy he dips net and catches it in side of head....gone. 0 for 2. Reset line.  Half hour and other side high dipsey goes off. Another nice fish. Dad's buddy fights the fish for 10 minutes or so. Back of the boat. Dad's dips net misses and fish goes through and around both riggers. Yep...gone! 0 for 3. Take care of mess and Reset everything. Starboard side rigger I put on a 10" glow slick spin d with pickled sunshine rig. 5 min. Bam nice fish a ripping. Get fish to back of boat...you guess it. The boys lost another nice one. 

Getting dark and decide to call it. I pull all the lines and the last rod I pull is the 300 copper. Dead as a hammer 2lb king swinging. 1 for 5. 


Beautiful night and we left a bunch of nice ones out there for you guys. Argh! 

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Amen! Those guys were an absolute mess and it was too fun to watch them and their reaction on every fish.

I think fishing is going to get real good here the next couple of weeks. I hope the lake will cooperate and we all can get out there.

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That's so awsome many good memories of fishing with my grampa and dad. He sold his SS235 early 90's when the fishery started to dump and no one wanted to go anymore...I think that's about right man time flies. Loved that boat and the times with dad. Can only imagine how much fun he would have again.  Almost bittersweet when mom see's the days catch.

She is TOTALLY addicted to fresh big pond smoked salmon tho....

Great story/memory.

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