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    Learned to salmon fish with my uncle Bill back in the early 80's.
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  1. Couple other boats at the cleaning house said they heard “they “ are still getting good kings out in 200’ fow. One pair said they launched at PS and motored to GH. Had 5 in the box. Gary and I come up from Kzoo, busy schedule at this time of year. Probably won’t get back there till next week. Tight lines fellas.
  2. Well I think the report said it all. Glow spoons did zip but heck if I was a fish and saw that coming at me, I’d be like time to go, not time to eat. The early current had our 2 center rigger lines dancing cheek to cheek. Not sure for how long but I’m guessing it had something to do with no early bites. Everything cam on something blue.
  3. 2md, ya we followed u out of the channel, set down sw of U. Thanks for your reports, it’s helped us find fish. Thought about calling out to you on the radio. Did u end up way S. and in skinny water?
  4. Started straight out before sunrise 70 fow. S.W. Troll to mid 90’s, turned back N.E. First fish came at 8:30 on dipsy 120’ back (1.5) w pro troll paddle blue & white w blue fly. 2) 9:15 N troll , dipsy 130’ back, SD dbl wt crush blue fly. 3) 9:35 dr 55’ down, blue dolphin. All kings, all between 80-90 fow. One miss on dr 62 down free slider never broke loose and I couldn’t get it to release, noonish, in 70 fow. Lost it.
  5. Thanks for the report. Nice kettle’O fish ya got there and a good looking crew! Keep um coming.
  6. What have you seen in the currents? What direction is your best troll? Fantastic job btw!
  7. Ya let’s try that. I’m fishing w a buddy up in Holland early morning Tuesday but I expect to be back by early afternoon. Are you available for a call during the day? We can schedule a time tonight or whatever.
  8. I’m hoping to be in Ludington next weekend. What about during the week, Monday? Or whatever
  9. Congratulations on your success! Still looking for my “oh we slayed um” trip/s.
  10. I’m still interested in the boat. Would you be able Sunday at some point for me to come take a look? Thanks, Andy
  11. Sorry bout ur luck but good reporting. Don’t know how you keep such good records when you’re doing all that! Best of luck next time.
  12. Thanks for the report. Haven’t seen many out of PW and been thinking of taking a run up there. Best of luck!
  13. Used to take my dad pan fishing every Father’s Day. Lost him 4 years ago one month before his 85th b- day. Sure would love to see him loose a fish at the boat again. Better luck next time.
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