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  1. Grey fatty layer between meat and skin(salmon)

    I keep a heavy stringer tied to the side (forward, out of the way) to bleed them out. If possible I keep them awake (no bonking on the head) slit one gill and they bleed out completely. Much less messy to filet. Skin, remove lateral line, grill, broil, bake, I don't care! If you don't enjoy this fish... Eat venison! Anything that turns brown while cooking scrape off, it's not good for you! Remember mercury?🤔 Those grill mats on those infomercials actually work pretty well.
  2. Muskegon 8-27

    Had a similar experience Sunday morning myself. Fished out of Saugatuck, set lines just before sun up, N. of piers, S troll. Fished 90' -105' w/ good marks at 60-65. Made several passes N.&S. Had a newbie on board that even tried chumming something up. Not a bite! Headed E. for a little bit after taking a couple waves over the bow of my 18 footer and pulled lines and surfed our way back w nothing but ice in the box. Heard someone on the radio say they had a nice Coho in the box.