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  1. Nice to see the youngsters getting in on the action! Good job! Like to see a pic of that bait.
  2. I bought a Garmin echomap SV last year. Still learning the ins and outs of the unit. The Loco by the way was silver with a diamond Blue Back.
  3. Set down in 160 NW of harbor Monday morning around 7. Trolled in and out from mid 140s to 175 with out a strike. Talk on the radio was fish being caught in 140 and 210-250fow. Pulled lines 10:ish and ran to 210 loaded 3 of 6 rods w blue dolphin spoons as that was "the color". Trolled without a knock till the wind shifted and kicked up the waves. Went home with a skunk in the box. Didn't mark many fish all morning. Hope this helps on what not to do.???
  4. Long day on the water with not much success. Fished from 7:30- 3 with a newbie. Beautiful day on the water despite only putting two fish in the box. Went NW to 150 fow set a N troll, ( wanted to go NW but kept getting pinched by all the boats) circled back in to 140 before things cleared out so I could head for deeper water. Didn't seem to matter what I pulled, couldn't get bit! Watched several fish rise to bait on the Graff only to swim back down. Went deep into the tackle and finally at 1:30 got our first hit in 160, SW troll, on a swr w 3 c rigger down 35 with a... Loco spoon! 11# king. Stayed at that depth for another hour then turned back to the spot of the first fish picking up another king on a Dipsy back 200 on 3 with a green paddle, grn fly. 7#er. Swung through the area one more time with no result so I packed it in for the day. Felt like I had bad juju on my bait watching those fish rise and fall away.
  5. The channel in Holland was full of them last week. Lots of holiday boat traffic...they get washed out to open water. Just a thought.
  6. Dude your Killin it!!! Keep up the good fightin.
  7. Wow!!! That's a heck of a day. Thanks for the report. Haven't seen a day on the water like that since I was a kid fishing out of Pentwater in the fall with my uncle Bill Alman.
  8. Took a trip out of South Haven Thursday the 17th with GLF member JDH. Met JD for the first time at the launch in South Haven after he offered an open seat in his boat and we had a great day on the water. I just want to say what a great guy and knowledgeable fisherman JD is. I'm sure he'll be posting the specifics of the trip soon and I'll leave that to him. Thanks JD for a great day on the water, good luck to everyone at GLF.
  9. Took my brother in-law out this morning. First trip this year. Set lines about 8, Trolled from just S of piers N from 20 to 30 fow nothing. Turned around on S troll back to piers, nothing! Must have been 11: or so when we turned out to see if we could find a fish deeper. 11:35 I had just switched out a Dr to, on a whim, an orange/ pink glow Wonder Bread and it goes off. Nice little Laker to get rid of the skunk, 36 dwn, 60 fow, Dan turned SW and 15 minutes later the inside Dr goes. ( I had changed it over to the same) big fish ( guessing over 15# as her tail rolled up in the cooler) 39 dwn, 62 fow, 2.2 GPS spd. Looped through the same waypoint picked up another dandy on the same rod and settings as the first. Beautiful morning and had a great day! Hope you all did too!
  10. Hey fellas, looking for some advice on down temp and speed Electronics. I have a Duo-temp unit that went bad, had the Walker repair guy put a new end probe on and traded out the display for a rebuilt unit. Lasted about a season then started the same crap, give a temp for a while then start jumping all over, again. Don't get out more than a dozen times a season so bang for buck matters. Thanks for your help!
  11. If still available, I'll take both. Thanks, Andy
  12. I keep a heavy stringer tied to the side (forward, out of the way) to bleed them out. If possible I keep them awake (no bonking on the head) slit one gill and they bleed out completely. Much less messy to filet. Skin, remove lateral line, grill, broil, bake, I don't care! If you don't enjoy this fish... Eat venison! Anything that turns brown while cooking scrape off, it's not good for you! Remember mercury?? Those grill mats on those infomercials actually work pretty well.
  13. Had a similar experience Sunday morning myself. Fished out of Saugatuck, set lines just before sun up, N. of piers, S troll. Fished 90' -105' w/ good marks at 60-65. Made several passes N.&S. Had a newbie on board that even tried chumming something up. Not a bite! Headed E. for a little bit after taking a couple waves over the bow of my 18 footer and pulled lines and surfed our way back w nothing but ice in the box. Heard someone on the radio say they had a nice Coho in the box.
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