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  1. Picked up another 8 lb laker on Wednesday 8/10 evening in East Bay flasher flasher fly combo on a mag dipsy set at 180+ DW Chrome with black and green and a green fly Tight Lines,
  2. Nice, we will get the number of those suckers down in no time
  3. Launched at Center road. Evening fish trip. Second fishing trip for me since 2018 so relearning the fishing program. Fished north to the first point. Hooked three fish all lakers and landed 2 of them. One was about 2 lbs and the other was around 8 lbs. 100 foot down on the rigger with purple and silver spoon. Fish Hawk was still acting up so we just trolled on the faster side. On the way back from the point Elk Rapids had their fireworks show at 10:00pm and we where able to watch the show while we motored back south to the launch. Good evening with friends and a few fish to eat. Tight lines,
  4. I have not been salmon fishing since 2018 so this is a trial trip for me. This was an evening fishing trip with my 2 sons Fished just outside the main pack of boats in 200+ feet of water straight west out of the pier heads. Started trolling south. Lots of freighters/tug boats that evening as well. 4 riggers and 2 dipsies mostly spoons with one flasher. Rigger at 100 ft on the counter took all 4 hits and we hooked and landed 3 small salmon. All 3 fish where 10"-14" so I let them go at the back of the boat. I was happy with the outcome and I can wait for a little larger fish. The Fish hawk will not read the temp or speed at the ball for some reason. The probe flashes but it will not show on the graph. so we did the best we could with what we had. Black spoon with purple ladderback tape and silver back took all four hits. Tight Lines,
  5. You never talk about the ones that fly right into the net. Its the ones that got away or the mistakes that make memories.
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