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Frankfort 8-17pm/8-18am

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10lb king 4:45 on sb rigger down 127’ on suv smurf meat rig 250fow

20 lbking, kevin gr psun fly 221’ out 124mn bk dipsey



160 rigger down 127’ hit n run; same rigger in 220’ fish on then line cut.
Last night at fish ckeaning 2 guys each had a snall coho.

Heard this morning maybe 1 or 2 fish by some.




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3 hours ago, zgrinder said:

Great report.  Fish are down deep in Frankfort as well.  I take it that #127 is your lucky number.  Or perhaps that is all the wire on the rigger 😎.  Great pics, like the last one in front of the Frankfort signage.

Thks on the pics. Yes, Tuesay night sunset was unreal.

I have 250’ of cable on both riggers. Thermocline was down 95-100’; was 50.6 at 95 and 48.9 at 100. So with sway back on 12lb ball thats pretty close to maybe 110’ or so down.

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