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Holland SALMON 8/1/2020

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Wilson and I were rewarded for getting up early and out before sunrise off of Holland Saturday morning.

Ended up 4 for 6


Had a double setting lines in 80fow at around 6am

(full core Yellow Dolphin while being set… the board had just been clipped on and we were letting it out when it went – managed to land our biggest chinook of the morning and year thus far)

(high dipsey blue spindoctor & fly while still letting line out with only 60 feet out – landed a 2 year old chinook)


From here we took a 3yr old chinook next in 90fow at sunrise 6.30am

(high dipsey blue/green spindoctor with 140foot of line out)


Then we missed a couple big hits on the downrigger

(55 down moonshine mag flounder pounder got smoked twice but just didn’t stay hooked)


Last we got another big chinook in 98fow at around 8am

(deep dipsey with 100ft out green frog spindoctor and white fly)


The east wind was howling and most guys left the shallower water so quickly… for us sticking around and little more in tight really worked out.  This north wind brought the temp break up higher which was great to see. Was going to keep the boat on anchor overnight here in west olive like we have commonly done so we could fish again Sunday morning but the weather changed and the north wind started whipping so we changed our plans…






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On 8/2/2020 at 12:34 AM, 2MD said:
Had a double setting lines in 80fow at around 6am

Aren't those fun?  I love it when you can set up right on top of the fish.  I remember a trip where it took us 2 1/2 hours to get all 9 lines in the water because they kept getting hit.  :)  Lots of fun.  Nice report.

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