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  1. 1/2 this morning. Swing and a miss on a 5 color LC. Nice king on a wire dipsy with a Mt. Dew/white FF 150 back in 115 feet of water. Took us almost 40 minutes to bring her to the net. Called it an early morning as the kids were tired, hungry and worn out.
  2. Took my niece and nephew out this morning. Waves started around two feet with regular threes thrown in for good measure. Eventually settled down to ones and twos. Started in 90 feet of water in front of the power plant and went SW to about 125. Went 1-4, not counting a swing and a miss on a SWR/board. Three of the hits came on a 5 LC pulling a half chrome-half lemon dolphin. The third hit was a ripper that took the board for a long ride. Sadly, two of the hooks on the treble were pulled open. Thinking it was a big one. Only fish boated was a skipper king that was hitch-hiking on the 300 copper pulling a green dolphin. Had two fresh alewives in her belly. Niece went green around 9:00, so we turned the boat around and trolled back to SoHa, pulling the lines at around 60 foot of water.
  3. Only had a few hours to fish. Started in 90 foot of water and trolled west. Went 2/3 in about 100 foot of water. Two nice kings that were 12 and 17 pounds and something massive on the bottom (marked by two jugs) with the 300 copper. Thought we were wide enough, but I guess not. Ended up clearing the lines and going back to the snag. Fortunately, we only lost a flounder pounder. Dipsy/150 back/100 feet of water/green glow paddle and green glow fly. SWR on a board/115 feet of water/lemon and chrome dolphin (homemade). Also saw a king around 25 pounds at the cleaning station. Guy said he caught it on a dipsy about 175 back pulling a Mt. Dew paddle and a glow fly in 110 feet of water.
  4. Paddles = Flashers. The rectangular, non-spin doctor/fish-shaped style.
  5. I will take the pair of singles you are offering for $75. PM sent for payment details.
  6. Can you give me a breakdown on the spoon blanks? Size, number of each size & color, etc. Are the insides white too? Thanks.
  7. Nice fish. Those pics just confirm the fact that I am so ready for spring. Not sure what you were supposed to "remember" (see note in spawn pic), but I hope you did not forget...
  8. Any pics of the trees? Might send my old man over there to get them.
  9. Any pics of the trees? Might send my old man over there to get them.

  10. Looking for two reels in good shape that I can use for wire divers. Let me know what you have and shoot me a shipped price to 62675 (IL). Thanks.
  11. Do you use a sabiki rig or a cast net to catch the alewives? Curious what works best.
  12. Thanks for the clarification guys. I appreciate it. I went to Silver Horde web site after I posted my question and realized that if I scrolled down just a wee bit further, they had pics of the Ace Hi plugs with the fixed hooks. I did not realize they sold two different types of plugs. The Ace Hi Looks and sounds similar to the Tomic plugs that are popular in the PNW. I am willing to take some #3 and #4 Js if anyone want to get rid of some. As always, how many I buy depends on the asking price.
  13. How are the Silver Horde plugs different the the J-Plugs? Different material? Is it the color patterns that they offer? Just curious why the are so much more popular than the J's when they look to be the same design.
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