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Pentwater 8-16 and Ludington 8-17

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Ran to Pentwater from Ludington and only hit 1 in the first hour. Then we had a slow pick hitting 7 and landing 3 kings and 2 cohos. The kings came in 70 to 110 fow of water on a green glow ace high on a 150 copper.  A black tuxedo spin doctor and blue fairways fly on a low diver out 110 and a moonshine green shorts on a 225 copper. Cohos came in 140 fow later morning on a mountain dew meet rig on a 300 copper and a the tuxedo spin doctor.  We fished Ludington Saturday getting a late start at 8pm. Started in 250 fow straight out and put it on an east troll. Got a nice king on a mountain dew meat rig on a 225 copper and a smaller king on a moonshine green shorts on a 150 copper. That one came after dark and we fished till 11pm with one other hit. Good luck!



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