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Fished Father's Day morning 6:30 to 9:30 and went 3 for 3, all on a west troll with east winds.


- 23 lb King in 95 FOW on a small blue/green spoon on a free slider with the rigger down 55.


- 5 lb king in 120 FOW on a zombie apocalypse with rigger down 55.


- 19 lb king n 115 FOW on a small blue/green with a red eye spoon on a free slider with the rigger down 55.


We marked lots of fish and bait from 75 to 120. Water was 50 on surface all the way to 60 feet down.


Fresh Salmon for Father's Day dinner!



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Tie a section of leader 3 to 6 ft long with snap swivels on both sides.  Clip your spoon to one end.  Then, after you set your rigger normally, pull the line towards you and clip on the other swivel to the mainline.  Throw the spoon so it's trailing and watch it sink down on the rigger rod line.

Usually it will run about 2/3 of the depth your ball is at.  If the ball is 60 ft, the slider will be about 40 ft 

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Two other things I do when using a slider.

1. I put a small bead on the main line so that when slider comes down it bumps on the bead. I had an issue with the swivel on the slider overlapping the swivel at the bait and causing it to open up. This solved for me.

2. Instead of just letting the slider be free, I use a small rubber band to fix it to a point on the mainline. Like, if I want it 10 feet above the ball, when I set the main line, I lower the ball 10 feet, then attach a rubber band to the mainline and clip the swivel onto both the mainline and the rubber band. Now, you know the depth and its repeatable no matter the lure type.

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