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24 hour assessment nets

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Thought I'd throw this thread in here since it only affects Lake Michigan Waters.  The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians is placing temporary, 24 hour gill nets from Manistee to Grand Haven.  There were some set in Ludington on June 12 in 100 - 130 fow and 150 - 170 fow.  They are graded mesh gill nets to assess fish species and size.  Typically trying to locate whitefish and lakers.  I thought I would post this here since the tribe doesn't like their nets getting damaged we don't like getting our gear stuck in them.  Sure would be nice if their buoys had lights on them or we had GPS coordinates and a heads up on when and where the nets will be placed.  I've reached out to the tribe about net locations and timing and if I hear anything back I'll post it here.  

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I received an email back. Just wanted to provide an update:

Thanks for the email Jason, I’ve forwarded it to our Great Lakes biologists.  Since I don’t usually have the particulars myself.


W. Frank Beaver, Director
Natural Resources Department
Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

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48 minutes ago, reeltimebrad said:

I thought gill nets were banned?

From this Michigan DNR page: https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79136_79236_80538_80541---,00.html

"If you are out fishing or boating on the Great Lakes, you may encounter commercial trap nets, gill nets and hook lines in most Michigan waters."

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