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Haven't posted on here in a while. Have been putting my reports on another site I'm sure you are all familiar with, but I hope to be consistent with this one as well. Sometimes after you get up at 4:30 and fish all day it's hard to sit down and write a report!


Well anyway, slow for us. We went north out of PS to 80 FOW hoping to put at least a couple silver in the box early. We ended 3/3. Rigger went right off the bat at 60 with the smallest toss back shaker I've ever caught. Then went 10 minutes later with a nice 9 lb steel. The set up was an 8" fish scale paddle with a uv arctic blast fly.


Trolled around forever and then finally had the 200 Cu go in 140 fow with a 7-8 lb brown!! Spoon was a mag moonshine yellow submarine. That was all she wrote. Brown was unclipped too!! 0704180707b.jpegIMG951470.jpeg


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