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  1. Sorry the mold is a standard 12lbs size.
  2. Well the 2017 season is right around the corner and we have started casting downrigger weights. Prices are still the same as last year.
  3. We have another batch ready if anyone would like to purchase.
  4. Nice looking weights! Have they been tested to track straight?

    I'm interested in 2 of them...what would shipping be to Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN?




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    2. Hooked Up

      Hooked Up

      Hi Rick,

      My zip code is 49316




    3. rbeck


      The pair would cost $15 to Caledonia MI.

    4. rbeck


      Hi Scott,

      Are you still interested in the weights?




  5. My son is making 10lbs fish style downrigger weights and selling them for $25ea shipping not included. He is also willing to fix any broken attachment loops or recast any of this style.
  6. I agree with the above comments...however do not get discouraged if you just have your three lines. Right now getting your first one will be your great fish of all time. I can still remember my first King. Here is another thought that I had looking at your graph...you may want to search for a little cooler water right around the 50 - 55 DegF. I am no Michigan expert I just thought we could get some additional comments on that point.
  7. Everything looks alright. I would try shortening my leader after the snubber quite a bit. How are you attaching the spoon to the leader?
  8. I sent you a pm with some trip notes my son took while we were out there a couple of weeks ago. Send some pictures over of you setup. We believe your leader length is too long...should 4 - 6' and it also sounds like the snubber is on the wrong side of the Dispy.
  9. Anyone out there have any good ideas or photos of steering setups going from a Penta SX to a kicker mounted on an adjustable panther bracket?
  10. tgafish, Thanks for the heads up on the current output. How quiet is the Honda vs a four stroke Merc kicker...any experience?
  11. Have you still go the spoons?
  12. Thank you for the comments and information. I thought the 9.9 might move the boat around on a claim day but with a little wind and wave action it might really have to work. Any advice on motor preference and mounting?
  13. I recently purchased a Wellcraft 22 WA I/O for fishing the Great Lakes and decided it may be a good idea to add a kicker motor to the boat. What I'm looking for is advice on how to correctly size the outboard to the boat. This motor would primarily be used for trolling and as emergency backup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. $28,000 I also didn't show in the photo but I have two additional seats.