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Holland- 4/20-4/28

Hey guys,

I am going to try and post weekly fishing reports this year. I may be behind a week or two but I'll try my best. What I post is everything we have been/are doing and any good, reliable information that I have heard. Hope this helps some of you. If anyone ever has any questions or needs a fishing report the morning of, I will include my phone number below or send me a PM.

End of last week/into the weekend: Many boats were still going offshore to find coho and the occasional steelhead/king. We were targeting anywhere from 190-260 foot of water, with the best water moving daily. The fish were being taken from flat lines down to 150-175 on the riggers. I will go through what we were using below this paragraph. The coho seemed to be concentrated more down south out in front of St. Joe and the fish that were in front of Holland seemed to have moved more north towards Grand Haven. We are typically trolling anywhere from 2.5-2.9 SOG. Our As for baits, read below.

Flat Lines: We have been running Bay Rat Lures S-3's or Short Shallows. These are baits that aren't well known in our area but believe me, they catch fish. The best colors have been mixed veggie, lady bug, red hot, coho crusher and BT candy. 

1-7 color: On our leads run behind Church Boards, we have been running mini streaks in silver, copper and gold blanks. Our best baits have been mixed veggie, lady bug, orange chilly willy, jager bomb, pink panties, viper, lemonberry and skittles. I have heard solid reports of people running coho dodgers and peanut flies up high and doing extremely well. 

150+ Morgans Copper: Our deeper boards have been a mix of standard size spoons and flasher/fly combos. The spoons have been just the standard size of the ones listed above. As for rotator combos, it seems to vary each day. Our best rig has been a mixed veggie spinnie or 8' wiener and a proctologist, arctic blast or poofster. 

Riggers: Standard size spoons on the mainline and mini streaks on free sliders. Once again, with the spoons listed above. Spoons have been above 100 and rotators below that.

High Divers: 125-175 back with standard size spoons.


We ran a trip on Tuesday and decided to stay inshore to fish for kings/trout.

We fished from Saugatuck down to the south between 45-75 foot of water. 

Pretty much the same setups as above but we switched the riggers out for trout rigs/mag spoons and most of the minis to standards or mags.

Our king bites came on:

5 color: standard size SOG frog

7 color: standard size smurf

Outdown 45 down: Mag U of M frog

Trout were biting spoons as well as trout rigs. Pretty easy pickings.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there is any interest in me continually posting these reports. 

Capt. Nick














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Nick this information is hugely valuable and much appreciated. Time is short for us all including yourself so weekly reports would be a bonus on top of just being on the water. Thank you!

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Thanks alot man we only fished few hrs Tuesday was in the 180-200 range. Only one coho. So moved East for last hr 135-160 range got a steelhead and a laker. We're going in morning. Probably stay in closer hearing someone else think the Coho moved North.

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We fished Tuesday in Grand Haven from 150-260FOW with lines from the surface down to 130ft and only went 2/7, with a coho and 12" king. Had a bunch of short strikes that just wouldn't stick. Never ran into a good pod of fish just a slow pick.

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Thank you Nick! I appreciate people who are willing to share what is working. I always try to do the same. IMG_1493555371.887591.jpg
That was last Sunday afternoon to evening out of Port Sheldon. Best water was 212-225. Big Laker came on DW Acid Rain standard size spoon on braid dipsy back 225. The coho came on Thin Fins: Orange with black squiggles and orange with yellow squiggles. But most coho came on Fire Flies coho flies behind size 00 fire Dodgers.

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Went to the SiesHow Hmmmmm! Std dodger spin n glo with fly behind it. 

Going to give details in your post?

work better than dodger n spin n glo??? 


Does spin n glo n bead run down to fly?

what length leader from dodger? 18-24"?




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Dan, yes sir. Fireflieswi.com. Those are the only Flies I run for cohos. I ran 5 of those set ups and they all took fish. I had them on my low riggers, 3 colors and 1 dipsy. The riggers were 55 and 75 down.

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Also trying fire flies this year. Done OK on them. Also got there new 2017 Hulk going try for lake trout.

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