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    I love to fish especially for walleye
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    Hunting, fishing, and camping
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  1. Thank you! I Googled that and now its not a secret to me! Thanks again.
  2. Wow! Fantastic day! I'm newer to this big lake stuff so forgive the newbie question, but what does "SWR" stand for? (" JJ Mac muffin Rv on swr down 60 ")
  3. Headed to Au Gres this weekend with my kid. Hope the bay isn't too rough, he's not a big fan of waves.. Nice work on the fish! How deep are you finding the fish?
  4. I lost one saturday out of Holland. Off shore OR12 with the tattle flag addition. I had 5 colors of lead core that may have been attached yet.
  5. Thanks for the report Nick. This is invaluable info for a new be like me. Please keep them coming!
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