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Pentwater Memorial Weekend

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I took the Tiara up to Pentwater this weekend for a shakedown trip.

Fished Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings.

Saturday and Sunday where windy and rough, so we only fished for a brief time.

Monday was great water, but results where about the same.  

Totals for the three short trips where 15 fish.  14 kings, and one chrome.  2 kings where in the 12, and 14 pound range, but all the rest where in the nice eater size of 3 to 5 pounds.

Mostly fished the depths south of port at 150 to 170 fow.  Targeted 45 to 65 feet down with spoons for the smaller fish, and a low diver with blue bubble rig down 100 feet for the two bigger fish.

Great weekend on the water.  

Of the 15 fish we got, all but one was natural born. Only the #12 king had a clipped fin.

After taking most of last year off, I hope to get out more this year.

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Nice catch Ken, I was there and going to fish on a friends boat and he ended up cancelling due to the winds Sat and Sun.   I wasn't too disappointed.  Monday looked like the best daybut  I was back home.  

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