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Set up in 60 about 6am and got fully set up in 80 on a 330 troll. Hit two kings on a white paddle mirage fly 200' out. Then a king on a mág bloody nose moonshine down 70. Beat a big king back into the lake with the net on the wire diver same white paddle when the front hook on the fly got caught in the mesh.

Lost a screamer mid run on a green glow ace high 92' down on a swr.

At 150 we turned back into them to get shallow to turn with them. Ran hot as we figured this was wasted time and popped a pair of 5# steel, one on a watermelon nailer 300 copper, the other on the ace hi 92 down. Crew did a great job catching up to that one.

Pulled lines to look for a boat needing a tow taking another king on a white meat rig 275' back on the other wire diver with a couple lines left to go. Never found the boat. Found plenty of boats that didn't offer to help. Come on guys, we are all in this together. Would have lived to turn back with them on a nice troll and boxed some more fish but on my boat we help those who need it even in tournaments.

Shout out to the guys who zigged and zagged to give everyone room to run long lines. Also talked to Zach Eno at the launch, nice to put faces with names.

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FBD: Good try on stranded boat. 2012 we were fishing off shelf in Manistee n boat near us had engine problrms. Was only 930 am and we had a few in the box and didn't want to paull lines but you have to think what if that was you.

Towed them back to city laucnh and continued fishing.

Lord rewarded us with 14 kings that day.

Believe its a federal law thatvyou r supposed help those in distress, if not, its just good sportmanship. A few yrs ago in Oct I was 10 miles out and limped in on partially worn water pump impeller. Coasties gave our coordinates but of about a dozen boats in the area no one helped us.

Right after that I bought BoatUs unlimited towing on the Great Lakes.

Can't believe some of these caotains.

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Very true FBD. Always help to find a boat that needs a tow, because you never know when it'll be you in that position. When we tow boats karma always seems to reward us when we are in need of one... Either that or it always makes us break down in the water XD

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