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As in the last few years, I went up to Pentwater to fish the PSA with my BIL Bruce.

Unlike years past, the silver fish where hard to find. Saturday Am we found 2 10# (range) kings in 135', numerous shakers, and 2 lakers.

Saturday Pm, Jake and I went down to the point, and fished North in 65 fow. Again all we could muster was 2 10# (range) kings, and 1 shaker.

Sunday Am, we started in 85 fow and thought we would troll West till we found bigger fish (Did not work). Reports where that some fish where being caught in 35-45 fow North of port, so we pulled everything and went there.

As it turned out they where Lakers, so we said f it and started Laker fishing. We ended with 8-9 of them, then left.

Big Weenie Meat rigs with, and with out paddles took most of our fish, as well as spoons, but really don't remember the details.

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Nice catch Ken, I'll have to look you up next year at the PSA.

Bruce, my BIL, is the current president of the PSA. He always wants me to fish with him.

It would be great to meet you Ed.

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