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Long time, no see


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:D Hi guys, havent checked in here for a long time.

I hate winter, cant wait for spring. Thought Id share a few photos from the last season on Lake O. Didnt do much salmon fishing as I was trying to learn how to jig fish for lake trout. Have a lot to learn about vertical jigging for lakers on the big open lake.

Anyway, heres a few pics I like, hope you like them too.

1. My very first jig caught laker. About 10 pounds on a Luhr Jensen crippled herring, 4 oz.


2. another jig caught laker


3. release pic of a jig caught laker,


4. another release pic,


5. my largest jig caught laker-- 19.6 pounds,


6. 1st jig caught rainbow on the big lake,


and , also did some trolling with friends cause they dont have the patience to jig fish............

7. a dandy 15 pound coho caught by my friend, trolling trolling in my boat,


8. and last, a nice brown caught by another friend in my boat, 15+ pounds,


and those were the highlites of my season.

Hope spring comes soon cause Im going crazy here:grin:

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