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Well another enjoyable Big Red Classic has come and gone. Changing water temps for the past week led to a bit of inconsistency on my part, but overall didn't do too bad.


Still with very cold water. Went 3 for 7 in 180 -215 range. Typical king steel laker mix. UV Flounder Pounder on 150 copper was the most consistent presentation.


Water started warming up a bit. Went 10 for 15 for two man limit in 130-150 fow of water. 150 copper, 7 color, dipsey's back 90 feet all took hits as did both riggers. Big king 19 lbs came on green/glow spindoctor with white fly 120 down, just after a laker took Death Wish spoon on rigger 25 down.


Fished BRC Ladies Tournament with mom, wife and her friends. Tried to get yesterday's program to work, but lake was really starting to set up. Managed 1 for 3 with 7.5 lb king on Big Weenie Bushy Beaver on 150 copper pulling lines in 100 fow. I would've never bought that lure but I buy my wife one lure each year for this tournament and saw this at Lakeshore Outfitters the day before. She likes the pink ones.

Saturday - BRC Day 1

Another tough day, set up in 80 fow and had the Bushy Beaver on dipsey 90 back go again 15 min after lines were set but lost it. Seemed like the day was off to a good start but lost the next 3. Finally had a run of mid-sized steelhead from 11 to 11:30 in 100-110 fow and finished at 3 for 7.

Sunday - BRC Day 2

Perseverance pays off big time 12 for 19. Not much weight with biggest king at 15 lbs. Set up in 110 fow and had Bushy Beaver go off on dipsey 90 back with only 3 lines in the water. Gradually got pushed out to 135 fow on south troll but was taking fish along the way. We were 8 for 8 by 8:30 AM, when made a turn north and pulled 5 and 7 color and ran more plugs and flasher/fly's looking for bigger fish. Also began trolling out and took the 15 lb king in 175 fow on blue spatterback plug on 225 copper. Took another steelhead in 150 fow before pulling lines in 120 fow after 2 more steelhead.

Final tally 4 kings, a laker and 7 steelhead for a 5 fish box of 61 lbs. 3 spoon hits: Lemonberry on rigger 45 down, king on Monsoon on 7 color, UV blue flounder pounder on 150 copper. 3 plug hits: 2 on blue spatterback with 225 copper, and one on 150 copper with wonderbread plug. Finally, a bunch of Spindoctor/fly hits: Bushy Beaver on dipsey starting 90 back and gradually lengthening line out to 180 back with last, Big Weenie Last Brunch on dipsey with same starting and ending distances and one hit on Big Weenie Spook on 300 copper.

Lot of fishing these past 5 days, but heading out tomorrow to see if I can put together back to back days like today for a change.

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