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  1. I have the book but lent it to a friend.. I'm headin out fri am.. Was just hopin someone would knot the basic depths/ line out like 40,50,60 to give me a starting point. Would hate to fish way under or over the fish I'm marking
  2. Got 30lb power pro on #1 dipsy any looking for any references as to line out to depth ratio.. I have the 20lb mono guide but there's gotta be a braid chart out there...
  3. Wow nice job.. Good greif that's a pile of fish What depth were the fish? Riggers dipsys copper?
  4. Green glow with black ladder back seemed to be the most used but I'm sure that varies person to person
  5. I fish holland mostly . Only advantage I can see braid vs mono is no stretch braid will transfer boat wave action to jigging action at the dipsy.. Odk maybe I'll try one rod... What do you fish mostly on your dipsys? Spoons or flashers?
  6. Your lead core will work but the harbors get pretty busy so u might wanna stick to dipsys and riggers.. Early morning/ evening are you best bets for staging fish In shallow.. Primary baits are j- plugs and flasher/flys. If you get them before they run, still out in the lake they are still pretty silver and great for the table..
  7. Thanks for all th responses..I guess my primary concern was because of the steeper dive angle and the shallower water where I fish the baits would be closer to the boat and wasn't sure if that would hurt.. Anybody have a dive chart/reference for a dipsy on 30# braid?
  8. Make no mistake, I'd love to run wire (let alone just fight a fish on wire) however as previously stated I fish from a 14' alluminum boat (row boat style) dipsy+6'leader+paddle/meat rig I'm back 10-12feet.. Making it impossible to land/net the fish. I've got diawa 27 and 47 LC's and I'm told they wouldn't be a good choice for wire because the drags aren't smooth enough... I've already got the braided line( came of my catfish rods) and thought if it helps catch more fish I'll run it.. Otherwise I'll stay with mono...
  9. I'd like too but it's not in my budget.. I'd need some better reels with smoother drags and I can't afford that right now. But believe me I've heard wire is king in diver world.. Just thinking braid is a more affordable option.
  10. Currently run a 14' alluminum boat. My set up is 100',175',225',255' coppers and 2 mono dipsys out either side of the back. I normally fish inside 100fow. Would it be to my advantage to switch to braid on my dipsys? Seeing I only fish 60feet down or so? Does braid catch more fish?
  11. Based on reports I've got and heard 100-150fow meat rigs if you got em. Otherwise flasher flys, mag spoons and flounder pounder 5-7-10 color lead 150-300 copper. Divers back 100-200. Riggers down 40-70.. Don't be afraid to start in a little tight 60-100 and the big boys are starting to stage. And water near bottom at that depth is cold enough to hold fish... Hope this helps. Good luck
  12. Multiple upper teens, some 20's and just heard a 29 pounder got taken outa holland/saugatuck area. Our fish are beginning the pre-staging activity in 100-150 fow.. Won't be long now boys!!!
  13. I use the 8" for most everything. Divers, lead,copper and riggers. However I've had good success with a white/glow 11" down on my deepest rigger. As far as colors go during low light I prefer a white glow/blue or green and sunny conditions I use a chrome green or blue. I recently purchased a pro troll paddle in UV/glow and it seemed to be doing just as good if not better.... Hope this helps. Good luck
  14. Bumpy ride in the 14'. Started in 110 worked to 130 came back and in 65fow FINALLY had a dipsy 175 back start jumping. Nice 15# laker on a UV paddle and blue fairways fly...1/1 slow night
  15. Wondered if theres anyone "newer" to salmon fishin headed out and would like some company this evening.I was going to go solo in my 14' but thought with all the newer salmon fisherman I'd offer up and go for a ride with someone who wants to learn. I've fished salmon 8yrs and have a pretty good knowledge about the game..
  16. I use a 15'-25' leader of 20lb ande mono on copper and lead. Tried 12lb fluorocarbon and didn't see an increase of fish but did notice some break offs .. Which sucks especially if your draggin a flasher/fly... Expensive loss
  17. I just clip the mono backer into the clip and have no issue. I've ran 4 boards per side just ALWAYS be sure your deepest lines are towards the inside and your higher lines to the outside or you will have a mess
  18. I hear that.. Whenever I see the perch fleet out I cruise up near them and drift while jigging 1/8-1/4oz kastmaster or Hopkins. Only get half the bites but almost never get little fish.
  19. Let's hear some stories of how the game was...how did u all adapt to the rapidly changing water and blue bird days?
  20. Just curious... How do you tell if a fish is muture? Eggs?
  21. Thanks for the wonderful report.. Very helpful..I Just wish big weenie would name lures like that .. Lol I google "big weenie bushy beaver" to see what it looks like and well.... Use your imagination what showed up.. Lol haha
  22. I like the walleye boards for anything up to full core/300' copper.. Anything more an a tx-44 might be needed
  23. Fish holland today.. What are all the fish jumpin around out there 20-50fow? Never could get a good look.. Thought they were kings, then carp then steelhead???? Never could get a decent look??
  24. Yea.. Kinda funny to me the report from lakeshore outfitters-via Facebook reported how fishing was on fire 140-160. The guys that fished that depth didn't do any good either..it's a strange year....that's for sure
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