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Favourite spoons/flasher fly/meat rigs so far 2013

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10 color core is the only thing that has been getting bit for me. Usually big white/pearl paddle with pearl fly. I just bought my first copper set up and look forward to trying that. A month ago I had a blue/green/silver J-plug that was kinda hot.

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1. SS UV Hat Trick

2. MS RV Blue Flounder

3. Yeck Pole Cat


1. Casper/Glow Kingfisher/ UV Blue Ice

2. Black Mamba Kingfisher/ Blue Moo Scotts rigs

3. Green Frog SD/ UV clear green Scotts rigs

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11" white paddle and fly down low

Chrome frog spin doctor with green fly (fat nancy)

mixed veggie or double orange crush spoons on 3 color or 100 copper take fish for us nearly every trip. Usually steelhead but we took two 13# kings on the double orange crush on a three color last friday

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Not unlike the fishing, not much has seemed too consistent. However, every trip has blue/green spin doctor with a blue fly, and a pearl paddle with a white fly on the bottom of the riggers. Those seemed to have caught the majority of the bigger fish

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8"mtn. dew/crush glo spin dr (70005) with a mtn dew meat rig on a mag diver usually set 200'-250' after sun up, has caught most of my fish this year. I had to replace it because the meat head broke where the line went thru the back of the head due to all the abuse it took. Fish catcher w/ white fly is my next best rig. Honorable mention to moonshine purple nurple spoon.

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