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  1. good reports out of prov and south bay so far. Haven't heard much about meldrum yet. Myself, i just haven't had time to much fishing. Making time this month though.
  2. welcome to the site. I fish northern lake huron and have never ventured that far south. By my depth charts looks like you will be going out 20+ km to hit deep water for mid summer kings. good luck.
  3. are they worth it? Anyone a believer in positive ion control?
  4. thankyou all for the great responses. Lots to research and think about for spring.
  5. What does everyone use for line on downrigger rods.
  6. its on my key west and pontoon on several different seats. They haven't changed colour at all since formed and are all the same looking just vary in sizes. The magic eraser doesn't do a thing on them. (also love the magic erasers for the boat)
  7. I will try this. I used bleach and it didn't do much. Thankyou.
  8. I have been getting pink spots on my white vinly seats... Any idea of why this is from and how to get it out. Conventional Cleaning methods seem useless. I am thinking its bacterial and coming from the inside.. I have ruled out it came off of anyone's bathing suits or clothing etc. They boat is newer being 2009
  9. I'm not doing the derby I have a wedding to attend or else would definitely be there. Good story of the rock n roar. gotta make it there one of these years. I picked up 3 chinnoks 3 lakers in meldrum sat morn. Then fished west bay sunday afternoon for a go and hit a 12# near honora bay. A guy out there picked up 3 while I was there. The big one being 23#.... he was running a NK mag with a blue strip. We were fishign deep 70-100 in 120 fow I think since Gore bay had a very successful salmon spawn and plant 4yrs ago. it just might be the place to be these next couple weeks for some monsters returning to spawn.
  10. how did you guys make out this weekend?
  11. Earlier I'm not sure... In the past I have noticed them staging heavily in prov bay starting the second weekend in august. That's about what has happened this year for the most part. I think they are healthier but have never seen so many lampreys on fish as i have this year. 8 in 10 have had marks and or lampreys on them when caught. Regardless, it has been good fishing this year and hopefully this climb back to what I remember as a kid continues!!
  12. oakzer I was thinking the mag might have something to do with it. have some moonshine in reg size which I am going to run more next time im out. I have been loosing lots of fish the past couple weeks and have always heard the single hook could help with better hook-ups. Never made the switch before.
  13. Thats a good haul. I'm sure your happy you came to the south side. Ya its funny how picky they can be for colours. All this good fishing makes me regret not getting out this weekend. Did you head straight out past the bell and fish mostly in front of the bay?
  14. nice! what size of flounder pounder. i have ran the mag several times this year at dusk with no luck !!
  15. nice work! jealous never made it out this weekend! what moonshines are you using?
  16. Oh and weather dependent ill most likely be there sat. I fish the cockburn island side.
  17. klode meldrum is hot i had 14 fish on last tuesday from 1-6pm everyone i talk to is picking up 5 min every trip
  18. Well just wanted people to share their favourite colours or exact presentation that is working best on average this year.
  19. underneath the northportsnailers on the right side
  20. I run moonshine and have had varied results. To save on shipping cost haha...Williamsons up top sports in Mindemoya carry them.... if you haven't been there go! Best selection for the salmon fisherman in the north! On the other hand Warrior's glow series and some northportnailers glow have been great for me. In Prov lastnight Meat rigs with flashers were hot. Other than that slow bit for most
  21. Oakzer I was in prov on the weekend as well, it is starting to get good. I was surprised with how much the temps changed after that blow. 53 degrees on surface in the harbour sunday. It brought the fish higher which is nice for set-up. The average size seems to be 10 pounds lately. I found Warrior- lemon ice to be my hot lure at 35 feet on the rigger. Whats working for you?
  22. What is everyone's favourite Weight for the downrigger: Sharks, Torpedo, standard round?
  23. I run a key west 225cc ill keep my eyes peeled. For lake trout i troll as slow as possible. I recently installed whats called the "happy troller" from bas pro. Its a trolling plate to slow you down to those speeds! I used to simply use two 4 gal buckets tied off of each side of the stern to slow down and it worked for years just annoying. Salmon steelhead im anywhere from 1.5-3 all depending on the day. I use 10 pound balls just like the extra weight.
  24. They are doing well in south bay and prov this week fishing 100 fow with riggers around 60. Zero reports on the north I tried tuesday night around honora and zero luck also. Ive never really heard of catches before july on the north side though for some reason. The lake trout are all around here and in healthy numbers. Our local ministry is raising and planting them from the fish culture station on manitoulin. The trick is Finding structure deep enough to have the required temperature. Then running lake trolls or spoons as close to bottom as possible at the slowest troll possible. 1.5 mph is my preferred. Im heading out of prov for a go friday and then might be out westbay/clapperton sat morning
  25. Ya the south side is good fishing. Fishing the straights between meldrum and cockburn area is traditionaly the best for july. I use the fish hawk x4 temp probe on the rigger to get my temp readings going down. I have from time to time marked a thermocline on my fish finder. Usually with the sensitivity cranked and the temp change fairly extreme. Certainly marking fish and bait fish is still part of the game of finding your depth. However with readings at you ball you can be sure your fishing at the the right water temp. I have never gone further than claperton in search of salmon. Just for pleasure rides to the benjamins croker etc. Darch north side does seem like a nice spot to fish though. Hopefully things pick up soon. I'm getting anxious
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