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A recent thread about poor hook ups got me thinking about the subject. Now that the water is finally setting up into normal July depths, the hook ups get tougher at times. Deeper riggers, longer coppers/lead core, longer setbacks on divers etc..., seem to lead to more fish coming unbuttoned. Any tips you guys want to share to help improve hook ups. Thanks ....

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No really! everytime its out of the water sharpen it.

Whats that? you got a new hook? SHARPEN IT. common mistake is thinkin they are sharp out of the box.

other then that, keeping tension and hopin for the best is about all you can do. sometimes they short strike or just wack at the head.

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Joe and Randy on right on cue. Another point would be angle of the troll. Sometimes the current below is at odds with the waves on top. Watch the angle of the lines, esp. the riggers. When they are most straight down, not off to the right or left, and are not way back, from high speed, your troll will more fit the fishes swimming course. Watch your turns too, if the inside rods going slower in a turn produce bites, slow down. If the outside rods going faster produce bites, speed up. General observations should be made continuously, to gauge your actions in what is working best.

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Most hooks are dull (especialy on spoons) from the manufacturer.

Sharpen them before you put them into storage as you are unwrapping them.

A sharp hook should catch on your finger nail if dragging it across, it should not slide easily. I've not found a single manufacturer who's hooks are up to my standards for spoons. Big weenie products (flies) are the only ones I trust putting them in the water out of the package.

Also, the troll direction is not only improtant to hook up ratios, but it is important to getting fish to bite at all...Ed has it nailed here.

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