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Deer Season 2012 in the rear view mirror


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In the rear view mirror of my Lesabre, that is.

I have been busier than an old retiree should ever be. My deer season started when I hit one at 6:00 AM on Oct 7th with my car. I just get the car back and a few days later at about 6:00 AM I run over a dead one. Then on Nov 7th about 10:00 PM I hit another deer. The last one was a big bodied 6 point. All three incidents cause damage, but the damage caused by the dead one was only minor. I'm sure I endeered my self with my insurance company.:lol: Same car three incidents within a month.

On top of all the problems with the accidents I had I have been dealing with home refinance, and some medicare supplement insurance. TG for computers as they make things easier to deal with but it's still time consuming. I'm still dealing with the refi.

My 9yo grandson had a good season. Alex took this nice 8 point near St. Charles on Nov 17th just before sundown. The horned up buck was hot after a doe. :grin:




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