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Off season, aka duck season.

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Been a busy year this year, not so much with work, but busy being in the great outdoors.

This year has turned out to be a fantastic waterfowl season so far. The divers are starting to show up, and it will only get better! Here are some pics of the season so far. All of this is around the Alpena area!

As always I'd like to thank Mark(CaseyII) for makin the trip from Holland to Alpena to help us kill some birds.


Opening morning fire on the island.


A few beers prior to opening morning(Hit the blind at 11pm the night before)



Mark(CaseyII)-Holding Harley's first ducks!(The dog :P)





Mark's dog, Harley, on her first duck hunt! Never having duck hunted she still managed to retrieve several downed birds, and even pounce on a wounded one!

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