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help aerator goes on and off???????

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Ali if you have a targa check under the dash and make sure no wires are touching where they shouldn't be. its very crowded under there. the control is on the back of the switch. I would check there first.

then check the switch to make sure it has not shorted out. A little water where it doesnt' belong could be the problem . If nothing else pull the fuse for a few days , then try it again , it may be moisture too.

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no its fresh water livewellon and off i think jim may be right it is pretty crowded under there... jim do youthink i could disconect jt behind the switch? it wont affect anything else will it?

if you get the right lead it shouldn't affect anything else. you have to get just the timer out of the loop. it may take some trial and error , to get the right lead.

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