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  1. Fished there this past weekend and we found the nets in the fog. They have one stake and one float. Don't have the numbers but straight out in 95' and south a mile or two in 105'. Coming in Sat morning 12:00 for the MS weigh in There was a 10' long 2' diameter log bobbing in the waves a mile south in 60' fow. I know it has moved but be careful. We ran out in the dark at 35 mph. Scary to think about what could have happened. Fished Thu/Fri/Sat most consistent baits flounders on the riggers/ yellow tail j plug on a 10 color.
  2. Black mag diver set at 1.5 with a 10' leader and a Flounder Pounder.
  3. Clean all connections-battery -switch- aerator and fuse.
  4. If running a board with a crank 200 ft behind- let out 200 behind the boat then attach board. Then drop your board and let out 25 ft more than the board it needs to pass. Engage reel and it will pass the other lines. Run longest outside to short inside. When you set the hook, let the board swing to the back before reeling in. We run 8 to 12 rods and no tangles for eyes.
  5. Nice. Now if they could figure out a map for the deep currents, that would be really nice.
  6. Just for kicks i tried lead core and 20 lb floro. All the results weakened the floro to the point when wrapped around your hand with a good tug it failed. Tried four times with heat gun held far away as to heat the shrink tube slowly.
  7. Nice Brandon. Was thinking of heading that way next week.
  8. Coming into Linwood you have to be on 280 heading from around 1 mile out. There are some VW size rocks out there.
  9. Are they four year olds??? Very healthy looking. I use to fish out of San Fransisco in the 1980s and hook into some 30+lb salmon that would burn out 3 to 400 yds.
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