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Went 27 for 35 down in front of little sable point, Love to fish down there just 9 1/2 mi run to get there:thumb: what worked.

plugs white /w black ladder back 200 an 300 copper

White SD w/ moonshine atomic fly Dippsey's

Moonshine green shorts and blue flounder green flounder, yellow sub.

Not hot but came home with some nice fish:thumb: pic. later:D

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Yep you know it:grin: I wish I could go right back over there they will be in the huddle puddle down south end of the dunn's and up between the sisters and the project.

PS if anyone go's out to the 50 line in a 120fow becarefull there is a net right there that has been taking some Eq. I guess it's not marked right something, 2 of my buddys losed cannon balls and some dippseys down there:eek:

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I'll try to remember how to do this, here we go:rolleyes



Just a couple of the pic's and yes I have to take a wiz in the one pic. also I had a good vid. the one night but it got out-a have with the cusing that was involved with trying to get the fish in the net, it was raining and wind was blowing pretty good but it was nice fish went out 350' ft on wire dippsey and didn't want NO part of the boat it was funny tho.:lol::lol:

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