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We did another really early morning trip, still trying to dial in on a night fishing program. Lets just say we missed, at least in the dark. Set lines at around 2 a.m. and didn't hit a fish until about 4 a.m. We worked 60 to 90 fow with lots of marks but no takers. At about 5 ish all hell broke loose. We had 4 doubles in a row, all on moonshine spoons. They were glow on left edge and black on right edge with a black ladder. Once the pack of boats moved out we set out 150, 250, 300 coppers, 15 color, 9 color, and 5 color. The coppers did great and the cores were dead for us. Mag dipsys on 2 back 75 to 150 and regular dipsys on 3 back 110 to 180 were the best for us. Spoon color didn't seem to matter, we went through more than i can remember. Best water was 70 to 90 fow. Ended 20 for 26ish and pulled lines at 1 in the afternoon with a very tired and beaten crew. This was our best box for numbers and size this year. The cooler was filled to the top with gear wreckers.

3 steel

2 lakers

15 kings

Watch the nets guys, we had some close ones. It lookes like they moved some of them.

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