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What can I say, but awesome couple days in Holland.

Fishing was crazy good for many people over the holiday week leading into the weekend.

7-5-2012 we started setting lines in 70 fow and the dipseys didn't make it past 120 to 130 and started firing.

The riggers fired, the 100, 200, 300 copper fired. Nearly every line on the boat took a wack.

We didn't even count the fish until we got to the cleaning station. We left the dock at 5:30 and caught our last fish at 8:30. Decided to pull lines at 9:30 as it was getting hot and the cooler was almost full anyway.

Complete moonshine program on our spoons, never changed it.

Psycho, Bad tad, flounder pounder, happy meal, etc. They all worked.

Also 11" white paddle on the middle rigger and on dipseys was hot.

It was great fun with Dad, and a few good buddies I have not seen in a while.


Friday am we did pretty much the same thing. Set up in 70 and started wack'n em again. SW to 140 and pretty much took fish the entire way.

Same setup as the day before, but we did change the coppers over after sun up.

Lemon berry on 100, moldy muffin on 200, green huckleberry on 300, blue huckleberry on the rigger.

A buddy from work joined us and I think it was his first trip on the big lake. Spoiled him. It was a riot.


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