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Don't try this at home. I fished with John (Something Fishy), Ty, Zach, and Tom (TallTails). Our down rods were dead so we decided to slip in another couple of boards in the spread and eliminate the down rods. 6 Offshore OR12s per side for a total of 12 boards. 12 boards wouldn't have been possible with a lesser crew or higher waves. We boxed 25 keepers and called it a day. 22-23 FOW pulling bouncers harnesses and meat. 1-1/2 MPH was the ticket. Ty and Zach John's grandsons handled the reeling. The pic is difficult to see the two outer boards but if the pics is blown up it shows it clear. :) Just a little over 2 fish per line.

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Thanks so much for the trip Frank' date=' you and Tom are the best! We all had a great time and made more wonderfull memories aboard Priority 1![/quote']

You and your grandsons are always welcome. The kids are so well behaved and always are eager to take a rod and catch a fish. I hope we didn't wear their grandpa out.

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Hold on Frank, if the Dog comes East, he owes me a trip aboard the Eyefull first:lol:. That goes for fishsniffer and tangled mess to.

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! What puts Eyefull ahead of Priority1??? It's all in the name.:) Priority1 is just that.:)

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