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Hows the hunting going?


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Just wondering how everyones hunting has been going. I've only saw a couple nice bucks so far this season despite hunting very hard. The rut just seemed like it never really got into full swing for me.

Took a nice doe on nov 6th though. Hoping to see a good late season buck. Always wanted to take nice buck in december.

Hope the rest of you guys are having a good season!


nov2011bowkill by roegob, on Flickr

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I've gotten 4 at once w/ an 89 Oldsmobile. Those were the days...

oh shucks, you just beat me by one little deer. i got 3 with my 98 grand marquis a few years ago. but it did do 3700.00 in damages to my car,LOL. the bad thing was i was going to tenn for a funeral, so i had to just leave them. good hunting,LOL.


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