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Official Sign up for WMFL Sept. 10th event

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The final event will be Sept. 10 out of Holland.

Set lines at 7 am and pull them at Noon.

Weight in at 1:30 in the over flow parking lot. D&R ramp to Lake Mac.

With all the fish out there now, this should be a good event. I have a bunch of flies to give out from Yogurt Flies.

$15 event and $5 big fish-= $20 total

%100 payout

%50 1st

%30 2nd

%20 3rd

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We will have to get a day closer and see what the wave forecast is. Small craft advisories mean no fishing. A 20+ mph NE wind is not any fun to fish in ether. How many boats will fit in the Holland Chanel? ;)

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People that know how to fish, or idiots that show up three days after the fish come in?

Went 7/9 on browns this spring in 30 mph east winds hiding in the lee of the dunes and fishing the warm water trapped inside of the first sand bar, but getting the 14' back into the channel was a trip....

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Great, now everyone with something that floats and two old snagging rods with the same K-mart 80# mono from 1976 will be out there.

That said, count us in. If it's that calm we'll burn up to Grand Haven or Muskegon and join the circus.

Remember Kevin, you don't own the lake. We all started with those K-MArt/Walmart mono rods. LOL.

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No, I started with Heddon rods (cork grips!) and Penn 209's, which I still run for browns in the spring - those rods are probably antiques. And my dad taught me to have my crap together....

My point Kevin is don't sit behind the internet and throw stones. Some of us started with humbleness and Walmart rods. God has given the resources we have in our beautiful community to ALL. . . not just throws that have fancy gear and a lot of experience.

BTW, I have several 209's in active service, but have retired the Walmart spinning rod & reels(~;

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