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  1. Well thanks to all that replied. Im gona say its a brown trout.
  2. Here is the link to the pics. Sory for the inconvience thanks for the tip dan the builder, hopefully this works <a href="http://imgur.com/ZpjAr"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/ZpjAr.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <a href="http://imgur.com/CrL9X"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/CrL9X.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <a href="http://imgur.com/4N3Hn"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/4N3Hn.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <a href="http://imgur.com/lzkDI"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/lzkDI.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a>
  3. To all the fish experts out there! I caught this fish sunday moring in 75 fow on a 300 copper on a SS mag spoon. I was told it could possibly be a splake coho or skamamia , it was 9.74 lbs. Does anyone know what the species for sure ?
  4. I would be interested in fishing the event.
  5. I would be willing to participate in an event this coming weekend out of holland
  6. thanks for the input everyone in think I got it down just need to get some heavier downrigger balls to get me on the bottom
  7. hello to who ever can give me some advice. I am fairly green to big lake fishing. I see in alot of reports people catching lakers on the trash can dodger setups. Could someone give me some more information on these setups like how big are the dodgers and what would be recommended behind the dodger ?
  8. Hello, new to all this but would like to sign up for the tournament this coming saterday I didnt know if I had to be apart of the wmfl to fish the tournament or not? My name is Ryan, and the boat or team name is Fishhound
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