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  1. This article forgot one thing, please do not leave your headlights on when you are going to launch or retrieve the boat as then I cant see when I'm trying to back up my trailer. And yes, please do it now, I don't care that your are almost done, turn off your stupid headlights. :-D
  2. Anyone attempted the trip from the mainland to Beaver Island by private boat? I'm thinking about attempting this on my 21' boat? Thoughts?
  3. Ok, I have 4 downriggers, one starboard side & one stern starboard side, same set up on the port side. I have my lead core (full, half & SWR); divers both port & starboard. Here is the question, should I buy some slide divers, spend the money on lures, or is there something else I should add to the arsenal & why? I know that if I had $300 I would buy that Fish Hawk 840 Mark (Just Hook'n) is selling, but absent that, thanks for your input.
  4. It's supposedly a 1986 OMC Cobra, model number on the out drive reads 982843
  5. This will be my first attempt at this. This is on an OMC 4.3L. Question, will it be better to take off the lower unit or is it possible to do it another way (besides taking it to the shop)?
  6. Tom, Can you perhaps clarify for me your position on this issue? I'm trying to make sure I understand the point you are trying to make. Is it your belief that if the alewives collapse taking with it the salmon population, with then the perch and walleye become the dominant predators that this would help reduce/eliminate the zebra/quagga mussel and Asian carp problem? Respectfully, - Senez
  7. That looks real nice. thanks for the picture.
  8. Wondering what you all think could be causing this leaking of lower unit lubricant. It did not do it last year. (I have a picture but can't figure out how to attach it to this)
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I'm just glad that at 26, my son is willing to indulge his old man and go out with me on the boat.
  10. My oldest son is 26 and not interested much in fishing (where did I go wrong), although he is willing to go out with his dad and steer the boat. If he is one of a total of four in the boat, and I only have eight rods in the boat, everybody else either has a license or is under seventeen years old, would he need license too?
  11. WOW, she is a beauty. Congratulations.
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